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Jung Kun Dang health lock wins 2 most on social media and content empathy

Hong Kun Dang Health Lactofacil Lactobacil has demonstrated the power of honest communication by winning the grand prize on social networks and the grand prize of cute content at home food companies on the 13th.
The Korea Internet Communication Awards, sponsored by the Korean Association for Internet Communications and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, is a 12-year award ceremony that selects companies and public organizations that perform excellently each year with digital status assessments communication.
More than 200 companies and 150 public organizations participated in the award, which were resolved through a three-month review process, including consumer panel research and expert assessment.

Lactopathy is well-accepted for active empathy-based communication so that consumers can easily and accurately understand the difficult stories of lactobacillus via SNS channels.
Currently, LactoFit implements social communication centering on its Facebook channel to communicate with its core target Mamkids Target and communicates with many consumers through various SNS channels, such as Instagram and YouTube channels. In every SNS channel, the information and events that the whole family, mom, dad, and kids need, according to "the customized lactic acid bacteria that are right for me", are provided with fun and clear questions for consumers.

For me, the story of Lactophyte Lactobacillus is perfect for my family

At the same time emphasizing the ability to choose the right product for me by age and function, Lactophyte actively implements "kids" -based content and events to target the main goal, the mummy. In order to remind us naturally that Lactobacillus lactobacillus is a "tailored lactobacillus that is perfect for our family", we continue to provide various content based on keywords "our family" and "health" to consumers in their 30s and 40s. you. We post.

Because the content is organized under the theme of Lactobacillus Live which is perfect for our family, it is another feature of Jong Kun Dang Health Lacto Chat Facebook. The image is made using warm pastel paintings used in the product range, giving a visual sense of unity. In particular, the content draws the attention of parents to thinking about their children using characters that their children may love.
Health lactopeptide Jong Kun Dang is also actively using video content, and Health channels Lakotefon SNS Jong Kun Dang are connected to each other and share basic content. In the case of video content, it uses a strategy that can further disseminate content by posting content already uploaded to the YouTube channel on Facebook. In the case of the video, it is easily made up of content that the child and mother can touch together, and shows a family-friendly, brand image.

"The Easiest Tale of Lactobacillus in the World"

Lactic acid bacteria are ranked among the nation's top functional health foods. As it is a dietary supplement that is normally eaten, detailed benefits and knowledge cannot be known. Lacto Fit actively uses Facebook and YouTube channels to deliver light and fun stories about lactic acid bacteria.
Facebook, which many moms use, makes it easier to tell more difficult stories, such as the difference between probiotics and prebiotics and the benefits of combining new biotics.
YouTube has produced content for lactic acid-producing bacteria using the eyes, baby laptops and the Bebe package in that mothers show children a lot for educational purposes. The videos, titled "Yang Tong Tong Manga", encourage children to recognize the function of lactic acid bacteria by collaborating with the character "Jung Shi". The series is all the more important in that children who consume the product form a brand and voluntary attitude. In particular, it is a representative series of content that wants high views of around 270,000 because it correctly uses high content content for children who have high views through re-viewing.

A compassionate brand, a special event for laptops only

Chong Kun Dang Health Lacto Fit Instagram acts as an event channel, and consists of sensational images suitable for channel features that emphasize visuals. Like the content on the Facebook channel, the Instagram content is reminiscent of a pastel-colored image that is the same color as the healthy lactophyte product of Hong Kung Dang.

This year's Instagram Spotlight event will bring you a happy Saturday that is perfect for moms. Rock Ball Fit Day. Since #MamStargram #Astagram #Childcare Stargram is included in the popular hashtag in Korea, the event aimed at "young mothers" was conducted by reflecting on Instagram features, a platform used by young mothers in their 20s. Will It is an event that attracts empathy and participation of housewives by using the word "retirement", which is short for the word "retirement". The event led to a lot of participation. Specifically, while the mother enjoyed a warm Saturday, the child was given a ticket to the Kidney Work Experience theme park, Kizania, to build special memories with his father, giving them the opportunity to re-experience the brand at the Rotofit Experience Center.
It is regarded as an event of great importance in being compassionate to the hearts of mothers who are tired of parenting and widely read.

In addition, under the brand identity of "Lactifact Lactobacillus that is right for me", a digital campaign of 1,000 people with a bundle of characters of their beloved children was presented. As a result, she was able to deliver customer satisfaction as a national lactic acid bacterium, which has the highest supply and intake rate, and caught two rabbits, delivering the unique characteristics of Lactopat, a customized biolactic acid bacterium.

Jong Kun Dang's message to Health through Consumer Digital Communication through these communication activities is "family" and "health". It is not just about promoting nutritional supplements, but also delivering them as content with messages that consumers can really accept. We look forward to the future of Lactopfit, which seeks genuine "communication" with consumers and innovates not only in sales but also in branding.

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