Friday , September 25 2020

Judicial rebellion on top 5 teams … Federer Earl Zokovic defeats CTN


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Austrian Dominic, the fifth-largest men's tennis player in the world, defeated Djokovic in the world in a revolt against the field.

The team knocked out Zokovic two-by-one after a fierce two-and-a-half minute battle in the group stage of the ATP Tour 2019 season finale in London, England.

Two days ago the team that defeated tennis emperor Federer won the group stage and won the semifinals, regardless of the remaining match.

This is the first time the team has advanced to the semifinals of the ATP final.

With 1 win and 1 loss side by side, Zokovic and Federer face each other in the final match, where the winner goes to the quarterfinals.

This is a royal figure where only eight of the season's top contenders competed in the group stage, and the winners are decided by the semifinal tournament.

[도미니크 팀 / 남자 테니스 세계랭킹 5위 : 테니스 ‘빅3’에 속하는 페더러와 조코비치를 연이어 이긴 건 생애 처음입니다. 큰 자신감을 얻었고 정말 기쁩니다. ATP 파이널스 4강에 진출하는 목표를 이뤘지만, 여기가 끝이 아닙니다.]

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