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Japanese major Buddhist monks "garbage when three Koreas gather"

▲ sect Koyasan Shingon associated with the monstrous remark of the monk

A monk of a large Buddhist temple in Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture, is a popular venue for sightseeing in Japan, where foreign tourists, such as Koreans, visit the temple.

According to the Japanese media, including "Kyodo News", on January 31, a monk on the Gongo Web site, a large Buddhist temple, wrote in one post on his Twitter website on 11 that he was "the worst junk" ( Dokdo) for Koreans.

He wrote on Twitter: "Koreans are only pleased when they make personal connections, but if they get involved in the country or organization, it will be bored. Is that the worst junk when three Koreans gather?"

Koyasan is one of the three largest places in Japan.

The Congolese web site is the seat of the Japanese Buddhist Buddhism Koyasan Shingon, and was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with its surroundings in 2004.

The monk who posted the comment on Twitter was a 20-year-old man who was in charge of promoting this part. His comments spread on Twitter, and personal information, such as spreading names.

When criticism of the monk's monument came out,

In the article entitled "Apology for Hate Speech (Public Discrimination Against Hate Speech)", on behalf of the Secretary General of Koiasan Shingon Buddhism (Secretary General), the inspectors expressed regret in the sect of Koyasan Shingon. I apologize to those who have been injured. "

He added: "I will try to raise awareness of human rights so that similar events do not recur in the future with deep thoughts."

(Photo = capturing the site of Congo Site / Yonhap News)

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