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I've never done that forever … It's a new car released by Hyundai

There was news that the Hyundai Pickup Truck Santa Cruz, which was unveiled as a concept car at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, would be mass-produced. Santa Cruz will strategically target the North American market in 2021 with locally produced Alabama plants in the United States. It is said it will not be announced in the meantime, but in the end, Hyundai presented a bold challenge to the North American pickup market.

Santa Cruz, which is similar to Santa Fe but has a different style, is said to aim for a refined pickup rather than an angular and somewhat cruel American pickup. Since it is a local production method and strategic model in North America, it is unlikely to be published in Korea, but it should not be concluded that it will not be published. What happens when Hyundai pickup trucks launch in the domestic market? Today AutoPost Issue Plus takes a step further in the story of the Hyundai Pickup Truck Santa Cruz.

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A lot of excitement
North American pickup market
The North American mid-size pickup market, which Santa Cruz is challenging, is not a big hit. First, Chevrolet Colorado plays a big role, and it is a market with many competitors, including the new Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Frontier.

In order to appeal to the late Santa Cruz participant, there must be a charm that only Santa Cruz can show. Great options, good value for money or better performance than your rivals. However, the expectation that the pickup truck will be perfect will not be as great as Hyundai did not make the pickup truck from Pony decades ago.

Medium volume North American pickup market
Japanese pickups are strong
The mid-size pickup market in North America is shrinking. This is because large pickup trucks are much more popular in the United States than mid-size cars. Americans prefer regular pickups, such as the Ford F150, which has the highest sales volume.

In addition, the mid-size pickup market is surprisingly Japanese pickup, rather than US trucks ready to boost their sales. Since there is only a mid-size pickup market Hyundai can jump on right now, it is bound to take on a bold challenge, but unless Santa Cruz releases unique goods, it seems unlikely to be dramatic.

Santa Cruz
I use a flat body
Santa, Hyundai's first pickup truck, is known to be developed based on the Tucson mono-body, mid-size SUV, but recently announced that it will use the bodywork. This is welcome news because the "frame body" is more suitable for pickup trucks.

By using a frame, it is possible to provide firm body rigidity first, and it is also easy to obtain torsional rigidity. In addition, there are advantages to improving unloading performance as well as loading.

Only pickup new
Develop a framework for frameworks
However, Hyundai Kia Motors is the only body-on-frame method in Mobah, so it is worth noting which frame body to use. The focus is on whether to use the Mojave platform or develop a new chassis frame for the first Hyundai pickup truck. The idea is to use Mojave frames rather than developing a new chassis in the short term.

To get into the North American mid-size pickup market, you need to have solid body strength, driving ability and great bodybuilding goods. Of course, the price range should be cheaper than traditional pickup trucks, and if the structure can compete with Rexton Sport, it will be a new option in the domestic market.

Rexton Sports
It may be frustrating
It is known that Santa Cruz has no plans to launch in the country because it is locally produced in North America. However, since it is likely to be sold in Korea in the future, it is necessary to consider what will happen if it is put into service in Korea. Authentic pickup truck Colorado joins the domestic pickup market dominated by Rexton Sports.

In terms of performance, it's no surprise that Rexton Sports can't keep up with Colorado, but industry experts say it is targeting different customers because of price differences. But if Santa Cruz is launched, it may be embarrassing for Xiangyong, as it will be able to compete directly with Rexton Sports in terms of price and performance.

Following Tivoli
Even Rexton Sports…
In recent years, Sangong has been able to eat Celtsos, even Tivoli, who has played the role of a Kia Celtsos boy. So picking up trucks in Hyundai is welcome news for Xiangyong.

If demand is subtracted from the pickup market, Ssangyong's sales volume could be a big hit. In fact, the brand most upset about the news that Hyundai is launching a mid-size pickup may be Ssangong, not a North American pickup truck brand.

Corando Electric Car Launch Plan
A new solution is needed
Ssangyong it's time to get out. Koran announced a new change with the launch of its electric car next year, but consumer response is not so good. Ssangyong needs a change that can provide something new.

Of course, if you think about the state of the company, we all know that it's hard to do something new in a short time, so we have to look at it with a sad heart. However, the news of the launch of the Hyundai pickup is bad news for Xiangyong.

Based on the 2.0 diesel engine
Santa Fe and share drive
It may sound like a distant story as exact specifications and test information are not yet available, but Santa Cruz plans to start mass production at the Hyundai Alabama plant next year. Hyundai said it would invest a total of $ 410m to create a new production process and employ about 1,000 additional staff.

The drive will be powered by the 2.0-liter diesel R engine used by Hyundai Kia Motors, and its off-road performance is expected to be exceptional with its all-wheel drive. In addition, the concept car was a two-door, but the mass production cars will be launched in a four-door version and increase consumer choice. You can expect the performance of a 21st Century Hyundai pickup truck. Automatic posting number plus.

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