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Issue a flu pandemic warning … Observe personal hygiene such as proper hand washing and a cough label to prevent infection and spread

Pos publisher for influenza pandemic publication and adhere to personal hygiene rules such as vaccination, proper handwashing, and cough labeling to prevent influenza (Directorate of Resource / Disease Management)

The CDC issued a nationwide flu pandemic warning report on July 15, exceeding the epidemic standard, with the proportion of influenza doctors in the 45th week of 2019 exceeding 7.0 per 1,000 patients. Adherence to hygiene rules was required.

To prevent and prevent the spread of influenza infection, unvaccinated persons should be vaccinated against influenza, especially if they have the flu, and pregnant women with high complications and children 6 months to 12 years who have not yet been vaccinated, are vaccinated during November. Encouraged to finish.

The center also recommends that high-risk patients receive antiviral treatment without the flu test at the time of the epidemic, so they should seek medical attention immediately from a nearby medical facility if they have a fever above 38 ° C and suspect cough flu or sore throat. .

Although cause-and-effect relationships are not universally recognized for the controversial side effects of oseltamivir drugs, such as hallucinations and delirium, there is sufficient explanation for the need to monitor the flu during treatment for the flu to prevent accidents and early detection. recognize serious complications. Patient carers were asked to carefully monitor patients from the beginning.

Common side effects of oseltamivir include nausea and vomiting. In rare cases, children and adolescents have abnormal behaviors due to delirium or hallucinations, but there are also cases of patients with influenza who have not administered the drug.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with influenza and are taking oseltamivir for child and adolescent safety, the caregiver should keep the child for at least two days and carefully monitor the onset of abnormal behavior.

In addition, during the epidemic, the group sought to strengthen the management of influenza prevention for newborns, schools and nursing homes.

When newborns or students are infected with influenza, do not go to day care centers, kindergartens, schools and academies 24 hours after body temperature returns to normal without antipyretics to prevent spread to the group. The facility recommends providing immunizations to staff and residents, enhancing monitoring of flu symptoms in residents, limiting visitor visits with respiratory symptoms, and keeping symptoms separate.

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