Saturday , September 19 2020

Increased investigation into 'voice production'


10 people, including police and crew… SP ENM vice president looking for seizure
Police are expanding the investigation, including two SP ENM officials, while two PD Monet PDs have been arrested for manipulating the results of live voting by text on the Mnet cable channel, Idol Specialists-Audit Program of the Produce series. Menet is a music channel for the CJ ENM family. According to SP ENM and police on the 12th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police's cyber-investigation team seized and searched the executive vice-president's office at the SP ENM office in Sangam Dong, Mato on the 5th of this month. -you, Seoul. Police seized and sought warrants against Annette Ahn-un-Young PD. and JP Kim Jong-un, who were arrested on the 5th. Seoul chief executive Li Hong-pio said: "In this case, a thorough investigation should be carried out to establish a fair society." "We will thoroughly investigate whether senior officials were involved in the vote."

Investigations are also under way for the entertainment agency that included the idol specialist in its product series program. Police say: "There are about 10 people in the case, including two PD detainees, JP ENM officers and entertainment agency officials." Police will send the arrested An PD and Kim JP to the prosecution on Wednesday.

By Kim aee-hey, reporter

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