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“If he’s a triangular star, he’s great” Because of the bluffs of Mercedes and Korea that actually sold more than domestic cars?

After all, the power of the Mercedes E-Class was great. As soon as my exterior design was unveiled, public opinion was dominant, saying: “This will not work”, “Benz is gradually falling” and “BMW is a complete victory”. I won huge.

It has been a long time since it was called “Gangnam Sonata” because it is now very common on the streets and it is said that “there are so many E-classes in studio villages these days” and “There are many cases where Kapoor lives because of its immense power”. According to their claims, this means that many consumers are not able to buy Import, but they are forced to buy it for bluff. Today AutoPost Issue Plus takes another step in the story of the Mercedes E-Class.

written Editor of Yoonyung Park

E class 3,423 units
2.214 5 series
Sales of imported cars in November
Sales of imported cars in November 2020 were compiled. First place was the tuning model Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which recorded a huge volume of sales. It sold a total of 3,423 copies in November. The second place was the model for the BMW 5 Series, after the E-Class. With sales of the 5 Series and E-Class exceeding 1,000 units, this is a huge result.

It was followed by the Audi A6, which sold 1,590 units. 5,019 units have been sold for the Genesis G80 E-segment sedan, which is a domestic car. Before the complete change, it was Genesis, which was behind the sales of the E-Class every time, but lately, it seems to have recorded a record level of sales.

“This time in 5 series
Even in public opinion it
The potential of class E
When the exterior design was discovered inside and outside the E-Class model, the home networks that confirmed it showed the “worst” reactions. At the time, reactions such as “It looks like Mercedes is over now”, “Sales of the 5 Series are upside down”, “Mercedes is becoming more Chinese” and “Why is the design of Mercedes really like that these days”.

However, as if to make fun of him easily, when the model for the make-up came out, Mercedes immediately proved its potential. In contrast to the reaction of the E-Class facelift, which was close to the worst, the BMW 5 Series, followed by the previous-class facelift, was easily pushed into sales.

“Benz is real”
That the real thing is
The backlash continues
What is the reason why the E-Class, which has been criticized as “the design is really the worst”, is selling all the time at the same time as the launch? Even when the E-Class facelift was in full swing, some networks said, “If it comes out, sales will be ruined,” “No matter what the E-Class is like in the E-Class,” “No matter how it comes out.” “There seems to be no problem with the design of a car that sells well.” “Except for photos.” There were many instances of the answer, “Let’s judge by looking at the real thing.”

The prevailing opinion is that the controversial design is much better than the photo. Contrary to the timing of the design announcement, which was met with serious criticism, reactions such as “It was really nice to see”, “Mercedes luxury is buried” and “You actually” you have to see the car, not the picture. ” .

The Frightening Benz
I can not ignore the power of the brand
Mercedes’ very strong brand power would have a huge impact on sales. If the design of the E-Class had a BMW, Audi or Genesis emblem attached, it is questionable whether it would record such sales.

Among the three German companies, Mercedes has the most prominent power of the brand and has the title of best-selling car of domestically imported cars, so no matter how it is put on sale, the E-Class is a car that is inevitable to sell a lot due to constant demand.

The new 5 series is pretty
Sales of e-class
Make it stand out
In addition, it is estimated that the BMW 5 Series tuning model, which was a subsequent response, highlighted the E-Class’s marketability. Benz Korea has launched the new E-Class with a very robust configuration of options. However, BMW Korea brought the initial quantity without a number of key features of the new 5 Series, and many consumers were buzzing.

In response, the BMW club even responded, saying: “The winner is the one who bought a discount at the end of 5 series with all options.” As soon as it went on sale, BMW eventually started selling at a discount of close to 10 million won, but still did not exceed the E-Class.

“It is so common that it is at the level of national differences”
“Both you and I took E-Class”
“I also drive in one room”
Because the E-Class sells so well, some networkers say, “The E-Class is now quite common, so it is at the level of national distinction.” There were also reactions such as “and” There was more Kapoor who lived to look like those there.

According to them, this means that more and more consumers are buying cars by force even though they do not have enough money to buy E-Class. Despite the image of the E-Class, which is much younger than before, the real buyers are on the younger side in the last few years.

“The main E-Class customer base is in their 30s”
Actually young people
Became a major customer
In fact, as a result of an inquiry with a Mercedes-Benz dealer, the main procurement range for the existing E-Class W213 was 40% for those in their 30s, 30% for those in their 40s and 20% for those in their 50s. age or older. The 30s participate with the highest percentage.

The individual / corporate shipment ratio was also only 70% for individuals and 30% for corporations. Some say, “Isn’t this an imported car that is a corporate car?” Or “I pretend to be an individual car as a company car”, but in reality, the delivery rate for individual customers was much higher.

Most office workers
Real fraud
It is true that it is a heavy car
Is it why the E-segment sedans are sold so much because the Koreans have a strong sense of bluff? These opinions seem to have emerged as the percentage of youth procurement increased. As a general standard, although there are not many office workers who can quickly buy an E-Class, which is more than 60 million won, it is enough to think that young people in their 30s buy the most E-Class.

In reality, most of them say that they are the hardest to buy cars, so they think: “Absolutely, there will be a lot of people who will buy it because it is impossible.” Of course, the number of Kapoor who actually bought a car due to excessive force has increased a lot, compared to the past. Articles about the growing number of Kapoor complaining that they bought imported cars because they were unreasonable also turned out that the day was far away, which contributed to the formation of such public opinion.

“The bluff used imported cars
People who drive … ”
Consumers say driving a good car is freedom
However, many owners of imported cars refute this public opinion. “In fact, people who drive imported cars do not even care about these pathetic sounds,” “That’s the sound of people not importing cars.” He went on to claim that it spoiled the image.

In addition, “Kapoor who buys imported cars because they are too expensive usually buys used cars with a certain amount of depreciation, but rarely buys new cars at the expense of depreciation. There are much better E-Class cars these days, and the price of Genesis is enough to buy a car. “I do not even know why those words came out.” Interpretation of this may vary depending on the people who accept them. Readers are free to share their opinions in the comments about what you think. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.

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