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"I visited my country's daughter's lab, Using Status in Wrong Specifications"


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"Using the status and network of my husband who is a professor at Seoul National University …"

The former justice minister, 54, from her husband's homeland, appears 11 times on a 79-page indictment on A4 paper by Professor Jung Kung-Jim, 57, who was later tried on 14 charges. In addition to explaining family relationships and motives for crime, it is number two in a child's entrance exam, four illegal investments in private funds and three for destroying evidence. The prosecution did not identify Mr Shaw as an associate of Professor Jung in the complaint. This month, however, the analysis suggests that the prosecution may be able to assess the scope of the prosecution's investigation, which it will call Joe as a suspect.

○ "Provided as husband of human rights law certificate of husband's activity"

The first thing the prosecution did with an entrance exam was the process of registering a medical thesis written by Jung's daughter, -o-mo, 28, as the first author in high school. Jung noted that he had asked Professor Yang Young-pio of Dankuk Medical School to register the author of the thesis, as well as his activities. In 2007, Joe, a first-year high school student, had no experience in medical experiments or medical knowledge, so he spent only two weeks at Duncan University on a laboratory tour and enzyme reaction test (FSH).

In 2009, however, Joe was listed as the first author of a medical paper, and he wrote a confirmation of his experience of joining Joe's activities at Korea University. Mr Shaw took a theory class, such as the DNA cloning process, which he did not undertake, and falsely stated that he could conduct a FYR test. The prosecutor concluded that Mr Jung had issued an internship certificate at the Seoul National University Center for Public and Human Rights as a kind of "pum ai" as a counter-payment to Professor Young in 2009.
The defendant indicated that Professor Jung had concealed or accidentally made material that could be evidence of criminal acts in preparation for Joe's congregation hearing. Former Minister Joe's name was also named when Professor Jung referred to the illegal profits his husband gained through a loan agreement with the Blue House. The prosecution plans to investigate whether Professor Jung nominated the actions in order to avoid white confidence under the civil servants' law of ethics, and the former minister knew about the process.

○ "Cactus Growth Internship" "Hotel Training Certificate Forged"
The prosecution, which Joe named as the third author of the abstract of the thesis, also described it as a "false specific" accumulated through the activities of high school students. According to the complaint, Professor Jung requested his daughter's internship with Professor Kim Mo, a life sciences student at Gonzhou University. According to the prosecution, Mr Joe often spent ten months of July 2008 writing small animals and plants, such as cacti, at home and sending him to Professor Kim. In May-July 2009, Joe went to Gonzhou once or twice a month and did a simple activity of changing the water into a bowl containing plants. Mr Joe is named third author of the abstract.

Prosecutors believe Jung created an internship and internship certificate in 2007 under the name of the CEO of the Busan A Hotel using a word program. This is because Mr Shaw was interested in supporting hotel management departments before going to college. Prosecutors also believe Jung used the technique when he forged a quote from the president of Dongjiang University and a certificate of completion from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

○ Professor Jung said: "There is a lie in the complaint."

Professor Jung's lawyers sent a text message to reporters on the 12th, saying: "The complaint has a mixture of facts and facts and there are many problems with the law. As a result, there is a picture that is awkward. " Regarding the fact that Jung was delaying the investigation because of his health condition, the lawyers said: “I was dropped out during the late-night investigation and returned to the detention center. "I still did my best to investigate the prosecution."

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