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I do not think so. "Dignity" "Jonathan" –

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The three areas, "cheap, old fashioned, flawless", including … Democratic intellectual remarks
Son Huck-Gu, "Democratic MPs,
Park Yi-won "Democratic Party, I made a representative of the House"

South Korea's president, Roh Mieong-won, on behalf of the National Assembly's main negotiating group meeting on Dec. 12, says the government is a spokesman for North Korea, and Democrat Party leader Hong Yang-pio / Yonhap News

The right-wing party, the Democratic Peaceful Party, the Justice Party, On the 12th, Kyung-bin's party leader said: "It's a punishment for a fight without dignity," in the official speech of the parliamentary group of the Free Party's Free Party Party's National Assembly.

In the morning speech, he said: "Please do not let the moon hear the story of Kim Jung-Eun as a senior spokesman." In addition, Democratic Party MPs protested 25 minutes in protest, shouting and shouting.

Kim Sung-min, a spokesman for the Uri ruling party, said in a commentary on the day: "It's a cheap criticism that does not explain dignity as" Kim Jong-Un's spokesman, "" I deeply regret the incoherent remarks of the South Korean party. " said: "What kind of indecency will help North Korea to nukulize and improve inter-Korean relations," he said. "Just days after the normalization of the National Assembly was normalized.

Kim spokesman said: "If the party and the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan worry about the leftist dictatorship, the real future party is worried about the right-wing dictatorship in the National Assembly."

Park Chu-hoon, a senior spokeswoman for the Peace Party, said: "In a speech by the National Assembly, DPRK's chief spokesman is the DPRK's chief spokesman. It seems that the official position of the Korean party, and not the party's mistake, is the official position."

Kim Jong-da, a spokesman for the ruling Justice Ministry, said: "There will be no ridiculous rhetoric for the first leader of the opposition to get out of the mouth."

Mr Huck-Hugh, Deputy Prime Minister, attended the news of Li Je-Hwan's election office in Guingham Province in Sunsiang-gou, saying: "We should hate the president as much as possible." "He said.

But there are also comments that pointed to the Democratic mistake that caused turmoil during the House's speech. Mr Soon said: "Democrats in the House are afraid of Cheong Da Da. Kim Soo-min, a spokesman for the ruling party, said he regretted that the Democratic Party failed to show its dignity as a ruling party,

Park Ji-won, a member of the Peace Party, also announced on Facebook, saying "the leader of the opposition can give an argument," he said. "We can hear, condemn and criticize, but the verdict is part of the people." "I criticize President's speech critically, but the strategy of the Democratic Party is made by the party president in JAPARK."

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