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Hit-roiro made with terra … "Now we go to the US market"

Hite Jininro, who is out of an 8-year decline in beer performance, has been pushing to expand its sales network in the United States.

Webmor Alcohol Store where Hoch Jinro shochu products enter[사진 하이트진로]

Webmor Alcohol Store where Hoch Jinro shochu products enter[사진 하이트진로]

Heat Jin Jinro announced on the 13th that it is the first Korean brand union to have four types of products, including Chamois Fresh at BevMo !, California's largest retail chain. It is the third mainstream retail chain after Lee and Spec's discount. With the expansion of the domestic market, Americans can now easily drink soy at home.

A deal has been signed with Vemore, with four varieties of fresh chamomile, Jinro 24, strawberry dew and grape greens. Vembor is a sales network with 150 stores in California, Arizona and Washington. Hit roinro has been selling in the US for some time, but has been limited to supplies to Asian communities, such as Korean society. The average sales volume increased by 15% over three years from 2016, but the volume is not large. A Heat Royiro spokesman said: "We have expanded our sales network as a result of the recent increase in the number of people seeking soybeans due to the Korean wave.

FITECHINRO also challenges the premium premium distillery market in the United States by launching "Ipumjinro 1924" across the United States. As alliance awareness has recently increased and goals such as age, gender and region are split, the strategy is to drive market growth by diversifying the product portfolio to reflect the current trend. Ilpum Jininro 1924 is a product that Heat Jininro launched as a limited edition in the 90th anniversary of 2014.

Charm dew on the screen in Bobmore. [사진 하이트진로]

Charm dew on the screen in Bobmore. [사진 하이트진로]

FITINRO Huang Jung-ho, head of the US subsidiary, said: "Following the declaration of global globalization in Suzhou in 2016, we were at the forefront of promoting the Korean Union in various ways on the US market. We will accelerate the global marketplace so that locals can enjoy Korean sojourn from anywhere by expanding our sales network. "

Heat Jininro, on the other hand, has surpassed its market cap by 2 trillion won in the past three years and six months. Stock prices rose 3Q due to the effects of the new product, such as Terra and Jininro. Hite Jininro's market cap reached W2tr last year on April 26, 2016, three years and six months ago.

Terra broke 100 million bottles within 100 days of its launch, and Jiniro set a record high of over 10 million bottles in 72 days thanks to retro insanity. According to the securities industry, consolidated sales and operating profit from Heath Roirot 3Q are expected to grow by 11.3% and 89.6% annually, to W556.8bn and W55.5bn, respectively. Operating profit, market consensus, is expected to significantly exceed C43.2 billion.

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