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“Hamso Pharmacist” launches protein drink “Protein water with good digestion”


“Hamso Pharmacist” launches protein drink “Protein water with good digestion”

Reporter Hwang Sang-wook [email protected]

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The adult health brand of Hamso-A Pharmacist, Health Plus, announced on the 27th that it had released “Protein Water with Good Digestion” (photo) so that the body could practically consume the necessary proteins. Protein water, which is easily digestible, is a protein drink in pure form without sediment through patented (registration number 10-2046310).

In response to customer feedback that most protein products are a type of powder that is consumed in water, and there are many inconveniences in use, Protein Water, which is easily digestible, has been developed as a type of beverage so that it can be consumed in any time, anywhere. Unlike powdered protein, which tastes like vanilla and chocolate, fruit flavors like pineapple and grapes are used to make it delicious to eat.

Using 100% whey protein isolate (WPI) to remove fat and lactose, the digestion, absorption and utilization of protein is high and can be practically used by people with lactose intolerance. It is a product that is useful for clients who are very interested in protein, such as the wellness group that invests a lot in taking care of themselves or the elderly who have a lot of muscle loss.

One bottle of protein water, easily digestible, contained 16 grams of protein. This is 29% of the daily standard for a protein diet, which is the same as the amount of protein contained in about 80 g of beef fillet, about 140 g of eggs (2 or 3 eggs) and about 570 ml of milk. It contains 100% various nutrients, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D, necessary for the use of proteins and amino acids based on daily intake. Sweeteners recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been used, such as low GI allulose and fructose.

“If you eat enough protein, you can boost your immunity by helping to generate muscle and energy, transport and store essential nutrients in the body,” said Hook-jae Lee, president of the So-ah Ham Clinic. “As a nutrient to be made, eating foods that contain protein or protein supplements is also important, but it is important to consider digestibility, absorption and utilization in the body.”

“Adult Health Care Brand” Hamso-A Pharmaceuticals “,” Adult Health Care Brand “Hamso-A Pharmaceuticals”, has introduced protein water that can be easily digested, so you can more easily consume protein, a basic nutrient . “Keep going out.”

The pharmaceutical company Hamso-A has previously published “Protein Water Stone”, a protein drink for teens in their growing age, and has received rave reviews from parents as well as children. A bottle of protein with water tin contains 10g of protein, 4 essential vitamins, the patented substance SR103 for growing children and a powder of mixed extract from the plant of Ham Soa.

Reporter Hwang Sang-wook [email protected]

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