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Half of Park Yang-seo's success, Team No. 1 in Thailand


Park Yang-seo, the coach of Vietnam's national football team, said on the 19th (local time) that the Vietnam national team was "half-successful" after retaining first place in Group A World Cup qualifiers in Group 2222 at Qatar 2022 with longtime rival Thailand 0-0 with longtime rival Thailand. It was a good idea.

Park Yang-se, 1st place in Thailand

Park said at a news conference shortly after the match: "We didn't lose, but we were not happy with the addition of a point," he said. "The directors are always ready to win, and winning is the best goal and the best pleasure." He said

Park also said: "I don't give my opponent 3 points. I think that's half the success. "

Park said: "I think there were some mistakes in the middle of the game today. What do you think, what is the improvement? "" The football game is not good and is one of the most likely events, so I train to minimize mistakes. " I'm not going to talk about the problem here because I have time to make up for it until the next game. "

"It seemed to me that I had a collision with the opponent's bench at the end of the game," he said. "I think I'm not a Thai national. "I'm the person he said.

Asked to assess the Vietnamese team's playing in Group 5, he said: "I have a headache and will tell you next time."

Park was unable to defend the penalty in the 28th minute when the defender fouled it.

Before that, Thai director Nishino Akira said: "We will do our best to prepare well and get good results because there are three more games left and we still have time to prepare."

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