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Google Stadium released, international media ratings are negative

Stadia launches full service (photo source: Google Play)
▲ Stadium launches official service (photo source: Google Play)

In the first half of this year, "Stadia", a cloud-based streaming game service that has hit the gaming industry heavily, has been announced. Unlike traditional PCs or consoles, gamers around the world are attracted by the news that games can be played in 4K, 60fps, HDR and 5.1 surround sound, regardless of device performance.

The stadium was first promoted in 14 countries: the United States, Great Britain, Finland, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Unfortunately, Korea is promised after 2020 because it is not a primary service country.

It's a new gaming and service platform from Google, a leading IT company called Stadia. Ratings of different country experience groups have been published to answer the question.

Overseas Evaluation of Stadium Media Published (Source: Metacritic)
Has Stadia's Media Outside Abroad Published (Photo Source: Metacritic)

From 15:00 to 20:00, there were four Metacritic Stadium ratings: 0 positive, 8 positive, 25 complex and 11 negative.

Firstly, the media that gave a positive rating are "You can enjoy console games on the go as mobile games" and "Platform for variants for gamers without PCs". TechRadar, which achieved the highest score of 80, praised it, saying: "While there are fewer games available than alternative consoles, potential killer platforms and competing services, Stadia supports 4K HDR."

On the other hand, negative reviews are "great, but there's no reason to throw away your old computer or console", skepticism prevails. The reason for this can be attributed to two problems: "small game titles" and "stability".

Stadium has very few games compared to other platforms (Photo source: Official Twitter)
Ста Stadium has very few games compared to other platforms (photo source: Stadium official Twitter)

The current Stadia lineup includes 22 AAA titles, including Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Just Dance 2020, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Tomb Raider. On the other hand, there are up to 600 competing platforms, GeForce Now and 53 for Microsoft Xcloud, both of which are still in testing but have more games than Stadia. GEEK DAY said: "Even if most of the AAA competitions are announced, we should be ashamed of that small form on the first day of posting."

In addition, problems with the stability of the service were found when playing at a time when Internet users were overcrowded. Depending on the surroundings, graphics and frames will fall off and incoming racks will appear.

According to media analysis, speeds of 200Mbps or more are needed to achieve stable 4K 60fps with Stadia. Even if the best conditions are met, some effects of the effect are excluded and texture quality is low. In addition, the default appears about 50ms of input lag. That's far from Google's announcement: "You can play 4K 60fps games at a speed of just 35Mbps on the Internet."

Google Announces Stadium Traffic, Capable of 4K 60fps at 35Mbps (Source: Stadia Official Media)
▲ Google announces Stadia traffic, capable of 4K 60fps at 35Mbps (photo source: Stadia official website)

Regarding Engadget, “For us to be successful, it has to work well in an environment where most people log in. When the neighbors returned home, they had to spend a lot of time delaying the entrance. Resolution continued to decline and sometimes I couldn't follow the screen because the response was slow.

Popular mechanics also noted that "The Stadia speaks as a service that can be played anywhere, but may not work properly in a real mobile environment because it works properly in a WiFi environment," CNET said. It's been a while. "The stadium is more functional than that, but unfortunately it's hard to see much better."

To summarize any assessment of the media, it is "negatively big". Media that rated positive ratings rated potential rather than service satisfaction and criticized media that rated negative performance lower than expected despite being formal services.

Google said it would work on expanding the service area and limited functionality as soon as it was announced. While competing services like GeForce Now and Xcloud are growing rapidly, it's important to see if Stadia can protect the throne of the game's streaming service.

GeForce now threatens Stadium (Photo: Game Soft)
▲ GeForce Now Threatens to Stadium (Photo: Game Soft)
There's also Microsoft's "Xcloud" on home test (photo: provided by MS)
Is There is also MS & # 39; Xcloud & # 39; which goes through home testing. (Photo: Provided by MS)

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