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"Give me a visa Joo Seung-Jun" Decision on repatriation … Can I get to Korea?

Entry 2019.11.16 03:00

It seems difficult to make the minimum decision for retrial

Seung Chun Yu

Steve Fu (43)As a picture) It is more likely to enter Korea. The Tenth Administrative Law in Seoul (Judge Jan Young-hoon) said: "The government's decision to refuse to issue a Korean visa is illegal. However, the foreign ministry's policy is "re-examining the Supreme Court", so Hu cannot at least enter it until he makes a decision.

Hu quit his Korean nationality in 2002 and was barred from entering the justice ministry for refusing to perform military service. Hu then applied to the LA Consulate General in September 2015, when he was 38, to enter the Korean visa abroad (F-4). At the time, the law on overseas Koreans provided that even those who renounced their nationality to avoid military service could obtain a visa when they were 38, unless there was a risk of harming their national interests. The Consulate General in Los Angeles declined to issue a visa because the Justice Department banned Mr Hu in 2002, and he filed a lawsuit. The first and second trials ruled that "the refusal to issue a visa is justified". However, the Supreme Court returned the case back to the Seoul Supreme Court last July, saying: "The Consulate General in Los Angeles has not been ordered by the US Department of Justice.

In the legal profession, there are many objections that the Supreme Court will "deny issuing visas".

However, even if the decision to re-examine is to issue a visa, it will be difficult for Hu to enter Korea immediately. A justice ministry official said: "Regardless of the decision, he can only enter Korea if the government lifts the ban." The official said: "This decision is a question of whether the USJ visa is justified and the Ministry of Justice does not allow entry."

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