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"Global donation" has reached 4.4 trillion won over 5 years
KRW 1.7 trillion donations per capita in Gangnam District 3
Skip one generation and skip one step gift tax
"Wealth heritage is seriously centered on Gangnam District 3"

Gold spoon card used in the "game of spoons", made by twisting the wealth of wealth. Photograph of materials for Jankior

Gold spoon card used in the "game of spoons", made by twisting the wealth of wealth. Photograph of materials for Jankior

In the past five years, Gumsuncu, which inherited property directly from grandparents, has won nearly 5 trillion won. Among them, 35% of the donations came from those living in Gangnam-gu, Gangam, Seoho and Songa.

According to donation data for Generation Missing 2013 ~ 2017, submitted by the National Assembly Planning and Financing Commission Kim Doo-Kwan (Democratic Party) submitted by the National Tax Service on August 22, the total donations skipped during this period amounted to 4.8439. trillions won. Residents of Gangnam District 3 participated with 1,731.1 billion won (35.7%). A household exemption donation is a method of giving granny and grandfather gifts directly to grandchildren rather than their children, and can be used as a wealth inheritance because it can once exceed 50% of taxation tax.
Looking at the types of assets inherited from generations of donations, most land in the last five years was 1.63 trillion won. Funds totaled 1,228 trillion KRW, 983 billion KRB buildings and 7335 billion KRS securities. The most common donation to residents in Gangnam District 3 was funds (5301 billion KRW), followed by land (471.3 billion won), securities (35.8 billion KRW) and buildings (292.9 billion won).
During the same period, the amount of tax collected from household donations was 1.1 trillion SEK. The tax levied on residents of Gangam District 3 was less than half (45.2%) of the 4613 billion won. Representative Kim Doo-Kwan said: "The concentration of wealth in the third Gangam district continues. Minors become landlords and receive hundreds of millions of shares of dividend income. "
Meanwhile, according to lawmakers based in the National Assembly (besides the Democratic Party), 66 "minus gold" have been found in the country, who own expensive housing and pay comprehensive real estate tax. Among them, 35 people have homes in Gangnam 4 districts (Gangnam, Seoho, Songpa and Gangdong). The number of minors who have paid tax in the last five years has steadily increased to 25 in 2013, 37 in 2014, 38 in 2015, 51 in 2016 and 66 in 2017.
By Noah Hyun-Woon, staff reporter

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