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Gamepia Launches Pre-Order for "Dragon Quest I, II, III"

[자료제공: 게임피아]

Gamepia Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong Jong Heon) is an RPG game developed and published by SQUARE ENIX in collaboration with Maxsoft. <드래곤 퀘스트 I, II, III> Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch ™ Edition package will begin on November 18. This product will support Korean.

Early work in 1986 <드래곤 퀘스트>Since its release, the first Dragon Quest series trilogy that has caused millions of fans worldwide to revive the JRPG genre is now available on the Nintendo Switch. <드래곤 퀘스트 I, II, III>It corresponds to the legendary title that has represented the PGG in the past <드래곤 퀘스트>, <드래곤 퀘스트 II: 악령의 신들>, <드래곤 퀘스트 III: 전설의 시작> It is a work that combines three parts into one. Each game is simple and easy to follow, along with controls on the Nintendo Switch ™ console, and is designed to give you a hands-on experience.

<드래곤 퀘스트 I, II, III>The main features of the game of each title are as follows.

[드래곤 퀘스트]

-Enjoy the classic retro RPG that retains great creators Horrigi, innovative synth composer Koichi Sugiyama and cartoon manga master Toriyama Akira (Dragon Ball), who threw millions of Japanese gamers in the eighties!

-Control games adapted to the Nintendo Switch to make gaming fun too!

[드래곤 퀘스트 II: 악령의 신들]

– Search through dungeons full of desert and monsters and explore new continents by boat to the sea.

-Define a variety of valuable treasures and powerful abilities on the road to adventure!

-Experience the classic party system: control various heroes and strategic battle against enemy hordes.

[드래곤 퀘스트 III: 전설의 시작]

-Suitable party system: Choose your name, gender and profession and have fun with up to 4 people on your adventure!

– Change of work is possible: Choose from nine classes to organize your party members. Your selections determine your stats, equipment, horsepower and abilities. The hero's role is fatal, but other characters' occupations can change as you like.

-Stay on a stunning RPG with over 30 hours of gameplay added to the original.

<드래곤 퀘스트 I, II, III> Order sales for the Nintendo Switch version will take place in various online and offline markets, including online shopping stops, from November 18th to 26th. The official release date in Korea is November 27, and the rating for review is All. You can find more detailed ad and sales information before ordering on Gamepia's blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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