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"Game Industry Legend" challenges AI research

"Game Industry Legend" challenges AI research
John Carmak Former Oculus CTO. Karmak Facebook

"I want to challenge the challenge of not seeing a solution before it gets old. I'm studying AI. "

Legendary game developer Johnon Carmak (CTO), who developed the first human shooter "Doom", resigned for AI development.

Sharke WHO announced on Facebook on October 13 that he will be in charge of the new position as Consulting WHO this week. Formulated withdrawal.

Carmack CTO is a legend in the gaming industry. A year after co-founder of Software Software in 1991, he opened the game genre with FPS with a game called Wolfenstein 3D, and later released Doom and Quake to woo game enthusiasts around the world . In 2013, the company was acquired by Facebook as CTO to Oculus, a virtual reality company (VR), but its role was retained. He also led the development of the Samsung & # 39; Gear VR & # 39; Virtual Experience Headset.

Karmak did not admit that the resignation of the WHO is for the new AI challenge. "I was wondering how to fix the problem that sometimes I don't see a solution to. (So) I decided to try it before it gets old, "he said." We'll focus on AI. " "I think it is possible and of tremendous value," he said. "We have a great opportunity to make a difference there."

Karmak did not elaborate on his future plans. But the industry has speculated that he is looking for ways to combine "strong AI" with games. "Strong AI" means AI that learns and thinks alone and has intelligence similar to humans. "It is not surprising that AI will work with AI and games and IR when it attacks almost everywhere," said US magazine IT.

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