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From fireworks to rejection to entrance exams … CAT landscape

(Seoul = News 1) Journalist Jung Chun-kyung, Reporter "Song Yang-sung", Reporter "Song Seung-ho", Reporter Mino Min-kyo, Practitioner of the Sanctuary Reporter = 14 Days After Academic Academic Ability Test (CAT) in 2020, held for each test site.

The hot fanboy who wished for the Jackpot also melted the Korean wave. The juniors cheered their seniors by taking slogans or chanting slogans such as "Samsung Jackpot", "I can't leave", "Accept the Cat".

In addition, some of the students who arrived in the police car this year were very close, and some took the police car to find the wrong place.

There were also unusual respondents who refused to enter the room. Wang Yang-yon, a student at Gwanak, said: "It doesn't matter because it's a sport."

He picked up an eager helper, as did the respondent. Parents who pray for their children raise their hands together and stare at them until they are visible, and teachers read the students to do their best.

Son Seung-Yeon, a church teacher who had been staying in Shimljibang near the previous day, said: "I was a friend when I was a junior high school student, so I was very excited to see the growth process."

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