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Food and beverage brands are actively accepting consumer opinion


(From left to clockwise) Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Frozen Coffee Coca-Cola ри Orion 배 Pear Orion ка Poke Chip Roasted Garlic Taste 포 Poke Chip Super Soy Sauce Sauce My Kitchen Two Pizza Top, Chicken from the grill.[사진=각 사 제품]
[미래경제 김대희 기자] Brands that have long been loved, form deep relationships with consumers who care and love their products and listen to their voices more than anyone else.

In particular, with the recent focus on food and beverage brands, the enthusiastic group is actively developing opinions on products, and companies are also rethinking this and thinking about product development.

From launching new products to restarting discontinued products and developing custom menus to suit consumer tastes, food and beverage brands are actively responding to enthusiast demand.

Coca-Cola is an enthusiastic favorite around the world and has established itself as a leading beverage brand. Sold in over 200 countries, Coca-Cola continues to develop a variety of flavors and new types of products that reflect the tastes of its fans, in addition to the original Coca-Cola, which is very attractive.

Coca-Cola's impressive taste is as it is, but the calories are 0kcal.

In addition, Coca-Cola lets you enjoy CGV's Super Chilled Coca-Cola at the Yongsan I-Park Mall and Mega Boxing Sangam World Cup.

Super cooled coke, similar to porridge-to-porridge, is a liquid coated plate that uses cooling and cooling technology, which remains liquid even after the beverage's temperature drops below freezing and then changes to ice by external shock. After fully opening and closing the bottle, shake the bottle lightly, then tap to change the drink to the background.

Orion re-released Bae Bae, a sweet that was released in 1995 and attracted sensational popularity for seven years. Bae Bae was a product that formed a thick layer of soft-textured mania, but in 2012, it reorganized the product line and stopped production.

However, with the official website, SNS and Customer Center, Orion decided to restart when the client's request came out. Re-released by Baeba, it has received a great response from both young and old, who like the soft taste as well as consumers who want to feel the scent of childhood when it comes to its unique taste and texture.

Also, the new package, which was released differently from the existing baby characters package, takes time and incorporates characters with children to create a cute and attractive feeling.

In addition, Orion will also showcase its & # 39; java chips & # 39 ;, garlic roasted & # 39; & # 39; a taste of soy chip sauce & # 39; which was shown as a limited edition this summer.

For Koreans, three varieties of focal chips and potato chips, including garlic and red peppers, all boasted record sales at the time of its launch and two of the most well-received food products that responded to consumer demand for resale. I did it.

The BBQ recently launched "Vampire Chicken", which represents the spicy taste of Cuccane. However, spicy chicken and vampire chicken, which has been published in the past, are divided into three stages (stage 1 burning, stage 2 blood, stage 3, hellish orange), and consumers can choose according to their own tastes. There are.

The third stage of Hellgate is spicy enough to stimulate the spirit of the challenge of MAP DUCKS, which has a score of 14,000 SHU (based on our analysis) and is enthusiastic about spices.

By Kim Dae-hee, a staff journalist

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