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'Flu Vaccinations' – Daily News

Guangzhou City Announces Fashion News Suspicious Clinic Recommendation

[내외일보=호남]The Metropolitan of Guangzhou has called for compliance with personal hygiene rules such as vaccinations, proper handwashing and coughing behaviors since the Center for Disease Control issued a report on the 15th flu pandemic.

Specifically, they stressed that pregnant women with a high incidence of influenza and children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years who have not yet been vaccinated will be vaccinated in November.

In addition, high-risk patients have been received antiviral therapy without flu testing at the time of the epidemic, so it is advisable to seek medical attention from a nearby medical facility immediately if there is suspicion of fever and cough or throat flu over 38.

Infants and schools do not go to school, nursery, kindergarten, school or school during the epidemic period until 24 hours after body temperature is restored to normal without an antipyretic agent to prevent the spread of newborns and pupils to the flu. . Do it

In addition, in high-risk groups, such as older nursing homes, vaccinations should be given to staff and residents, to enhance monitoring of influenza symptoms by residents, to limit visits with respiratory symptoms, and to be separated. symptoms of living separately. .

Kim Kwang-eun, head of the Health Policy Department, said: "To prevent the flu, children, pregnant women and the elderly, especially those who are vulnerable to health, should be vaccinated in November and follow the rules for personal hygiene, such as hand washing and practicing a cough label. "

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