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Fanama District 3 wasn't the only one … Construction company row overheating


Entry 2019.11.15 06:00

As a result of stricter regulations for the maintenance business in Seoul, the construction industry has reduced the number of orders and competition for orders is fierce.

According to the 15th maintenance industry, several major construction workers have gathered to bid on the renovation of the Banga B District rebuilding project, Huseong-gu, one of the largest Daejeon rebuilding projects. Hyundai E&C, Daelim Industrial, POSCO E&C and Gyeryong Construction Industry were bidding consortia for the November 11 construction contract, and GS E&C participated in the sole bid.

Despite the fact that it is a local business site, big companies have focused on the big construction project, which has a construction cost of over $ 800 billion. The Jangdae-B Zone Reconstruction Project is to build 3072 apartments, offices and sales facilities at 9.7213㎡, 14-5, Hangdae-dong, Huseong-gu.

A large construction company official said: "It is not uncommon for large construction companies to gather in the province to compete in one to four areas." It will probably lead to that. "

A bird's eye view of the new apartment building where POSKO E&F will rebuild the wind direction zone in Guangzhou. Presented by POSCO E&F

In fact, mudguards were already running in Guangzhou. POSCO E&F has won an order for a rebuilding project in Buk-gu, Guangzhou, with a total value of 850 billion won. At the General Assembly of the General Assembly, 501 members (51%) of the 958 members won the Lottery Construction.

The wind farm renovation project is to rebuild 600-1 Poong Hyang-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju to build 3,000 apartments in 28 buildings with 6 basements and 34 floors.

This site has overheated to the extent that the competent administrative agency will carry out a map and inspection. The Guangzhou Buk-Gu cabinet examined whether the voter list was properly checked at the union office where the polling station was set up in absentia and whether illegal activities were carried out around the polling station.

An official from Buk-Gu, Guangzhou, said: "Without the basic design, Lotte E&F was promoted to climb the floor of 49 floors, which is higher than the limited floor of 39 floors. "We also received one-on-one promotions complaints and went on-site inspections."

In addition, large companies enter the "small business" of about 100 billion won. In September, Hanwha E&C was selected as a contractor for Deokceon Third District, Deokon-Dong, Buk-gu, Busan after Hangzhou Hwies Industries and Construction. Deokceon District 3 is a $ 81.2 billion project. It has grown into a basement 2 floor-27 floor, apartment with 437 households.

In April, Hyundai E&F won a project order for the 78th Street Housing Maintenance Project for Pyongyang-Pyong-dong, Donging-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu. The project is to build 373 apartments with 4 stories underground and 37 stories above ground and 85 servants.

Because they are thirsty for large construction companies to try to capture even small amounts of local businesses, which are gardens of mid-range builders. Particularly worrisome is the reduction in the number of maintenance projects in Seoul due to the premise of selling private homes.

Kim Sung-hwan, a deputy researcher at the Korea Institute of Construction, said, "As the government tightens, big companies are trying to bring in less regulated local businesses," he said. "I think I can lift it."

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