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Even the Japanese boycott and Grandiosity Punch

-Modern change Grandiostava released until complete weight change
Boycott, three levels of concern over the new license plate

Hyundai's new grandeur is expected to pose a threat to Japanese rivals as its direct rivals are more popular than 32,000 units in advance.

The boycott of the Japanese cars, the grandeur of the blow

Despite the slight change, the Granger, which was officially released on the 19th, was 60mm longer (4,990mm) than the previous one, and the wheelbase was 40mm and 10mm wide. In addition, the front and rear view have been significantly altered, and hidden lighting type lights have been grilled to create a futuristic look. In addition to new technologies, such as air purification, second-generation smart attitude control system and anti-collision assist feature, Hyundai's first technology is included for the first time, including high-tech amenities and security items.

Looking at imported cars, they naturally attract Japanese cars of similar size and price. Indeed, the majors have little lead over the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. In addition, the price ranged from winning 30m to 40m and also providing a wide range of drives, including 2.5l petrol and 2.4l hybrid, also aimed at Japanese mid-size sedans. The new magnificent even surpasses both the Toyota Avalon and the Nissan Maxima with a high-capacity 3.3-liter petrol engine with 290 hp and up to 35.0 mph.

While Japanese carmakers are not at the level of concern, they are very cautious. On the other hand, the sale of the front thought that the crisis could start again in the current situation, which was renewed with a discount offensive. An official from a Japanese car dealer said: "I am concerned that Japanese cars will not be able to buy anymore in a situation where attention is focused on Grandiosta." There won't be. “

The boycott of the Japanese cars, the grandeur of the blow

In the industry, the grand launch may affect sales of Japanese mid-sized family sedans, but sales of Japanese cars are already small, and the impact is not expected to be significant. On the contrary, if a strategy that can attract Grande's high atmospheric demand by offering discount conditions, such as discounts, is worth seeking a certain level of recovery.

By Kim Sung-Hwan, employee rapporteur swkim@autotimes.co.kr

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