Thursday , September 24 2020

Epic Games has launched a new game for mobile phones, switches in battle


Epic Games Korea, game developer and game engine developer Epic Games Korea, announced on the 14th that it has launched its RPG Battle Breakers cartoon collection in Korea and launched a mobile service.

Battle Breakers is a vertical turn-based battle that lets you gather fun 90s cartoon heroes and enjoy a lively science fiction science-fiction fantasy created by a passionate little team in epic games.

The player must rescue the heroes trapped in the magic crystal and fight against the fate of the planet in order to save the kingdom infested with monsters. You can collect more than 100 heroes through Battle Pass, Skybreaker Quest and Hero Shop to organize your deck.

In addition, exploring more than 1,000 dungeons in various areas such as volcanoes, forests and glaciers, and using destructive attack attacks and heroes with special abilities, battle with common monsters and boss monsters.

To celebrate this release, Battlebreakers will kick off a two-week anniversary of the event that will give Hero Beastman Hero to players who complete game tutorials.

Home users can play Battle Breakers on Android and iOS. The Android version can be downloaded from the Epic Games app and the Samsung Galaxy Store, while the iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store to play games.

Park Seon-Gul, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said: "We are pleased to present the fighting with the passion of small teams in the epic gamers who are looking forward to new Unreal Engine games made from epic games." I hope you enjoy the cartoonish emotion of the 90's with the unreal engine. “

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