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Doosan heavy industries and construction … Lotte 6 loses streak

Doosan, Korea series Return game … Lotte won KIA and Nantes
LG to surpass NC, expand bloody … Park Yong-taek top 2,500 hits in the CBO League
Kim Kwon, Jin-Chenets cheated on Samsun … CT beat Kang Baeho and beat Hanha

Doosan, SK take a leap ... Lotte runs the 6th consecutive victory

Doosan Bears joined SK Vivers in the Korean Serie A match.

Lotte giants surprised with a score of 6 points with a point lead over Kia Tigers.

Doosan defeated SC 8-3 at the Mike KBO's home base at Shinhan Bank in 2019 at the Jamil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th.

SK, who was in the third loose string, went down the stairs from the second to the third.

Doosan won the regular season last year and lost to the UK in the Korean series.

Kim Quang-Hyun (SC) threw the ball to finish the series in the sixth in the Korea Series, while Josh Lindblum (Doosan) allowed a return for the ninth time in the match.

The two glasses first appeared in the first match of both teams this season.

Quang-Hyun Kim also threw a good shot in the sixth inning with nine hits and two hits, but Lindbloom improved the seventh inning with five hits and two hits.

Lindblum won the third victory of the season.

Doosan, who scored two goals in the third inning at the end of the sacrifice flew in the third inning and solo shot in the fourth inning, gave up two points to the SC in the seventh.

However, the seventh round was immediately a counterattack.

After the first dough, Park Se-Hook struck the middle of the embankment and made a ri-Jie-Hyeok's victim's back.

Park Se – hyuk hit the third base in the second base game on the next batter.

Doosan's era in the second third broke out.

Fernandez with two sleeves Homer in the second and third basics helped Park Chun-woo and Kim Jhe-Hwan lead to a lead of 4-2.

Hwang Kyung-min shifted the stoner Seo Jin-Jong to a 5-2 victory over the left.

Kim J-Ho, who was the next striker, walked up and became a player from 2 to 2, and Shin Song-Hyun's race flying furiously to 6-2,

Doosan, SK take a leap ... Lotte runs the 6th consecutive victory

Lotte scored an exciting 10-9 victory over KIA at Busan's home stadium.

In the second initiative, Li Dae-ho's second inning rally, the second dancing Jung Hoon and Kim Jong-tae led with a 2-0 lead.

However, Kim Jung-kuk of the third inning was reduced to 2-7.

Kia scored seven races in the first innings with nine hits and three races in the first inning.

Doosan, SK take a leap ... Lotte runs the 6th consecutive victory

But the KIA's plant was also trembling so badly.

Lotte scored seven points in the fifth round, leading to a tie 3-7.

1 Yoo Oh-seok, Han Dong-hee and Jeong Hoon struck directly to take advantage of the chance of a shot, and they scored two points in the start of the KIA start, Joe Willand, and the flying center of Kim Jong-tae.

After a one-off goal in the ninth inning, Jon Yun-wu goes to the second inning, Ashwahh scored one runner in the RBI single, and Lotte made 7-7 tie.

Lotte, who had the chance to win the second man with a walk from Blue Aes-Sep, managed in the opposite direction from 10-7 with a suspicious double from the 3-RBI on the left side of Li Da Ho.

KIA also tried to restore the game.

Li Chang-Jin hit the left foot in the second inning in the second inning in the second inning against Lotta, finishing touch with Seung Seung-Jin, and Li Ming-Chi scored twice in the left field in the first inning.

However, in the second and third teams from the second player from the base, Li Bu-Ho failed to make a tie when he hit the ball at the stadium.

Doosan, SK take a leap ... Lotte runs the 6th consecutive victory

LG Twins scored 11 times in Changwon NC Park and defeated NK Dinos 7-2.

2-2 of the 11th Initiative, leading the dough, Yoo Gang-nam struck the ball to match the body.

NS's right-hand man, Bae Je-hwan, went to the ball to match his body, and Kim Min Seng headed to the first and second base.

At that time, Shin Xie-jung rocked his relative battery with a quick foot.

Kim Jong-Eun took action and made the teeth of a kocur swing on the starter of Bae Jae-hwan.

The NC catcher's ambition was to bring the second player with the line of the second player with a string that saw the lead spread wide.

Shin did not hesitate to turn his body to the third base.

NK shortstop No Gyu-hyuk, who received the ball in the second base, could not even be thrown into the third base.

Kim Jong-Eun hit the ball for first aid in the first and third teams.

Noah Jinhyeok made a home throw, but Shin Min-jae's foot hit the home record earlier.

LG had a chance to go into the loft with the plane hit by Jeon Min-soo.

Jung John-Hyun turned to strike, but Lee Chun-Wong and Ogi-Hwan continued to push and added two points.

Yong-taek Park was the first player in the CBO league with a score of 2,400 hits.

Doosan, SK take a leap ... Lotte runs the 6th consecutive victory

Kiyami Heroes was the winner of the first match of Pohang this season.

Kim defeated Samsung Lions 4-0 using Pohang as their second base.

The leading role of the victory was far starter An-Jin.

Anjun had 2 hits in seven innings and a tied line on Samsung.

While grabbing six exclusions, only one walk is permitted.

Young Yang-sok scored 2 IPAs in 5 in-bats (20).

Cho Sang-wu, who finished 8th in the Grand Prix of men with 2 people, finished with 1-and-1 innings without a score without a score of 9 points for the ninth conservation.

Cho Sang-wu ran without a defeat in 11 1-3 matches in 10 games this season.

kt wiz dominated the Hanh Eagles by defeating 2-0 from the new foreign cup William Kuevas in 2018 at Suwon's home.

Cuevas scored four goals and two walks in six initials, scoring a score without a result.

He was the first player in the league of KBO who for the first time made a mistake in his career and scored two wins in the season.

Kang Baek-ho made a big hit with three home runs, two hits, three ICPs and two outbursts.

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