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Do Kyung-van "Many people who are married to Yang Yun-jung"

[매일경제 스타투데이 양소영 기자]

"The Problem Son of the Rooftop Room" Is Kung-wang called Yang Chun-jung's husband and a hunchback.

Third Goddess Yang Chun-jung and announcer Do Kyung-van appeared in the first episode of the KBS2 family feature in the movie "Ock Top Bang & # 39; s Son".

MK was asked: "I was told to confirm life and death." Zhang Jun-jung, busy with the schedule, said: "If you get married, you don't talk on the phone.

I don't know where the highway is called. "

"My wife starts on Thursday and returns home after performing all over the country." But many people misunderstand me because I'm alone with them. "

In addition, Yang Chun-jeong said: "If you go home for a long time, the children grow up big." Did King-Van explain: "Initially, I was pushed more than a toy, but I was playing with my dad." Yang Jun-jung, "I called him a kid separately and asked if my dad was upset," he shuddered.

They told Ms Do Keijun-van: "Why do your tears grow? Is there anything sad these days? "Do Kyun-van said," As you get married, you are called Yang Jun-jung's husband and have been arranged and noticed. I did well before marriage. Many people think Yang Chun-jung is married to me. "

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