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Deyon defense science blast during experiment… 1 death 5 injured

Crashing a rocket fuel accident … Experiment wearing casual clothing, not protective clothing
Blast fire in April and June last year

Police cars enter the main gate of the Daejeon Huseong-gu Institute of Defense Research Sciences (ATV). Explosion in the accessories lab on this day
One researcher was killed and five others were injured in the accident. According to ADP, researchers checked flow of chemicals and suddenly exploded
There was a fire. Daejeon = News 1

The blast occurred at the ADID laboratory in Huseonggou, Daejeon, killing six people. According to the 13th API, the explosives suddenly exploded and caused a fire when researchers experimented with chemicals in the laboratory at building 9 at 4:24 pm that day, killing senior researcher A (30) and senior researcher B (32). Five people were seriously injured. One of the injured broke the bowels and the victims were taken to a nearby hospital.

The researchers found that they were dealing with nitromethane, which is also used as a fuel for rocket propulsion. It was reported that the explosion occurred when the solid fuel was gel and was measured for an accurate design flow. The researchers wore plain clothes, not protective clothing. An MoI official told the press: "There was an accident when we tested hydrocarbon fuels."

The fire department mobilized more than 120 people and 30 facilities to repair the site. The explosion did not cause a major fire. A fire department official said: "We found that there was no additional risk of explosion and raised the alarm." The Daijon police agency is investigating the accident by putting an inspection team on site.
APE was founded in 1970 and moved to Daejeon in 1983. It is responsible for the research and development of weapons and military equipment. It covers a variety of weapons, from rifles to tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and submarines. An ammunition test was conducted at ADPE last April, which resulted in fire or damage to some facilities. In June last year, a fire broke out in the refrigerator of the lab and the fire departments were dispatched. At the Janwa Daeon plant near API, three people were killed in a blast in February when fuel was removed from a rocket. Huseong-gu, where these facilities are located, is a densely populated area with 350,000 inhabitants.
Daejeon = 기진 / Reporter Kim Tae-young

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