Sunday , September 27 2020

"Dementia-induced tau protein reveals some processes of neuronal destruction"


US researchers have been able to clarify some of the processes by which Tau proteins, which cause dementia in Alzheimer's disease, destroy neurons. It has not been reported how altered tau-protein degrades neuronal function due to genetic mutations.
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The research team at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) on October 11 (locally) "found some of the mechanisms involved in cell research," he said. I have confirmed that it has changed. "

Neurons emit electrical signals and communicate with and process information about neurons. The "cycle" of electrical signals that these cells send and receive supports memory and cognition. When a specific mutation (V337M) occurs in a gene encoding tau protein, the electrical signal is output at a different cycle than normal. This means that the process of maintaining the homeostasis of the electrical signal is not working properly.

Researcher Son Dong-min said: "Because electrical signals to other nerve cells are generated at the axon input, detailed structural changes at the axon input will adversely affect the electrical signal."

He also suggested that "the introduction of neuronal axons may play an important role in the development of dementia."

The study was published November 6 in the journal Neuron.


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