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Conductor Annana "I Found 'Our Joy, Not My Joy' / YTN

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[앵커]Zhang Yan-na, who turned Violoncello Jin-dong into Leader, led the Norwegian orchestra and set its stage.

Meet Yang Chan, a great musician who is known as a talented conductor, not a female conductor.

I'm Jong Sang.

[기자]At your fingertips with the power of the whole body, you exhale tremendous energy.

As and when we play the cello, we talk to the members with their eyes and expressions.

Yang Chan, now a cellist conductor, led the overseas orchestra for the first time on the domestic stage.

The concert with pianist Lim Dong-Hook showed the stage in perfect harmony with the orchestra.

I dropped the world-class cellist title and asked Hanna, who went down the conductor's path and why.

[장한나 / 트론헤임 심포니 상임지휘자 (지난 11일) : 첼로 독주 레퍼토리가 굉장히 적잖아요. 같은 곡을 반복해서 연주하다 보니까 어느새 나의 시야가 좁아지는 건 아닌가 하는…. 마치 현미경을 들여다보고 있는, 저는 솔직히 망원경을 보고 싶은데….]

Memorizing over 300 orchestral songs, I spend more than 10 hours a day analyzing sheet music and maybe even more difficult than practicing cello, but I say the happiness of making music together is greater.

[장한나 / 트론헤임 심포니 상임지휘자 : 우리의 기쁨은요. 이 무대 위에서 함께 연주하면서 호흡하고 같은 생각을 하고 같은 꿈을 꾸고….하나가 된다는 것, 소리를 통해 하나가 된다는 게 우리의 기쁨 같고요. 너무 좋아요.]

What dreams do you have now, who was listed as one of the 19 best female conductors?

[장한나 / 트론헤임 심포니 상임지휘자 : 실력 있는 지휘자 하면 끝나요 그냥. 내가 여자라서 또는 나는 동양인이라서, 나는 나이가 어려서 이런 것을 자꾸 생각하기보다는 나의 실력만이 길이다 라는 생각을 하고 있어요.]

On the 25th anniversary of his debut, he opens his second act as a conductor, but never forgets that he wants to be back on stage with his first love, cello.

YTN Jong Sang-Fee[]E

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