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Chun Sec-heon "Inclusive Finance, Policy for Realizing the Hope of Our Society"


Enter 2019.11.20 13:48

Yoon Seok-han, director of the Financial Oversight Commission, said on the 20th that "inclusive funding is created tomorrow by realizing the different hopes of our society".

Mr Yoon attended the opening ceremony of the Financial Inclusion Bank of Guangzhou Bank in Guangzhou on the same day, saying: "Finances appear to be cold because they are numerically calculated such as collateral, profit and interest. "Hot blood flows through every corner of society," he said.

"Increasing financial accessibility for ordinary people, self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises with limited financial opportunities is increasing in importance today."

Yoon Seok-hun Director of Financial Supervision Service / DB Fosun

Bank of Guangzhou has opened the Inclusive Financial Center in the central branch of Guangzhou Bank, Dong-gu, Guangzhou. The Central Branch, which was the head office when Guangzhou Bank was founded in 1968, will assume the role of providing financial support to public, small business and small and medium-sized businesses.

Chun said: "As an assistant to local self-employed people, we will serve as a strong support for the local community. Do it

Following the opening ceremony, Chun visited Daishin Tech, a car parts maker located in the industrial complex in Pyongyang, Guangzhou and heard the voices of local companies, including management and financial difficulties. Consequently, banks have been asked to strengthen "relational financing" for SMEs and self-employed.

Relational finance is a system that provides long-term loans, equity investments, consulting services, etc., based on a long-term trusted relationship between banks and corporations and shares the corporate performance of the corporation.

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