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Chichipas, 21, completes the big three-era racket

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"I didn't know you were going to win the championship trophy." Stefanos Chichipas (Less) lifted the trophy after winning the men's singles at the Nitto ATP Finals in London, England. Chichipas, 21, said: "I didn't know how to win the championship trophy. It's like driving a roller coaster. For the Greek fans, the final was a pleasure as a home game. " London = AP Newsys

21-year-old Stefos Cichipas (6th World Ranking, Greece) won the 2019 King's Men's Championship (ATP) season.

Chichipas takes Dominic (26, Austria, 5th) to 2-1 (6-7) <6-8>, 6-2, 2nd and 35th) in the Nitto ATP singles final in London on the 18th. 7-6 <7-4>. The winning prize is $ 2,676,000.

Cichipas (21, 3 months) became the fifth youngest player to win the ATP final. He was the youngest 18-year-old champion from Leyton Hewitt (Australia), who was 20 in 2001. This is the first time a Greek player will be at the summit.

Cichipas, who won the next generation ATP final last November with eight prospects under 21, became a top male tennis player in just one year. Following the defeat of Roger Federer (38, Switzerland, 3) in the Australian Open January 16 in January, he made his mark by winning the Marseille and Estoril Open.
Chichipas beat Medvedev (23rd, Russia, 4th) and Alexander Shcherev (22nd, 7th, Germany) to play in the final with eight first-place players. Heading into the finale of rapporteur Joe Hyung-hyung, Yesbro@donga.com

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