Thursday , September 24 2020

Boss Launches World's First AR Boss Frame Sunglasses


BOSE, a premium audio brand, introduces Bose Frames, an innovative audio mix that combines the protection and design of top sunglasses, the functionality and sound performance of a wireless headset and the world's first platform for audio-enhanced reality ( AR). Home release.

The head frame features the most iconic sunglasses silhouette and the smallest, lightest acoustic system in head history. Its unique open-ear design features micro-acoustic sound, voice control and personal audio capabilities for streaming music and content, making calls and using voice assistants while keeping playlists, entertainment and conversations private.

As a personal audio device, the headphone frame performs the same function as a fully wireless headset and provides an incredible listening experience with performance unimaginable in its size. In addition, the ultra-slim, ultra-slim acoustic package fits seamlessly into the sunglasses feet, rather than the ears or attached components, delivering sound to the user only.

For touch and voice control, on the right foot of the sunglasses are small microphone keys and multifunction on / off buttons, pair with a mobile device, connect Siri or Google Assistant, voice assistant, pause and skip calls or music. In addition, additional control is provided through the Boss Connect application.

The head restraint blocks up to 99% of UVA / UVB rays and weighs only 45 grams. Equipped with uniform color lenses, it can be easily replaced with an optional non-polarized lens with a gray gradient or a polarized lens with a colder mirror to create a style that suits your taste. Both lenses complement the modern, minimalist frame design and include a gilded steel hinge and charge pins. It also provides the same protection, scratching and shooting as a standard lens.

The frame has a lithium battery and can be recharged by plugging in a standard power cable. Up to 3.5 hours of continuous playing at average listening level, up to 12 hours of waiting and fully charged in less than 2 hours. In addition, the cloth case and carry case are standard for staining and storing.

Boss Frame, on the other hand, is an AR-capable audio device with a built-in Boss AR responsive audio platform compatible with Boss AR features and will provide software updates for future experiences. However, the features and availability of Google Assistant and Boss AR may vary by region.

The Boss Frame Alto is priced at 249,000 won, and the price of a non-polarized gray gradient lens and a silver mirror polarized lens is 25,500 won and 38,500 won respectively.

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