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Bigger and smarter… Returning the Hyundai flag

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The "new grader" returns after 3 years
Increase wheelbase, width, etc.! Help with the air purification system
53% are in their 30s and 40s

Hyundai MotorThe Granger Family Premium sedan is back, bigger and smarter. Hyundai announced on the 19th that it would launch the look and specifications of the "New Granger" part of the Granger model changeover and start selling it. It was a part-change model that appeared three years after the release of the 6th Generation Granger (IG), but the design was drastically changed and various new specifications were applied to change the new car class. Granu Granger also set the best record for all domestic cars, with over 32,000 under sale.

The models posed for the "New Granger" at the Hyundai Motor's "New Granger" presentation held at the Larry Maru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang, Yeeonggi on July 19.
The models posed for the "New Granger" at the Hyundai Motor's "New Granger" presentation held at the Larry Maru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang, Yeeonggi on July 19. Granu Granger, a partial change model, set the record for Korea's largest pre-contract, attracting 32,000 pre-orders with radical design changes and advanced specifications. Guest Reporter

The new granger has a wheelbase of 40 mm and 10 mm wider than the predecessor. With a wheelbase of 2885mm and a width of 1875mm, the interior is the longest and widest among all the greats. The exterior design has also changed dramatically. The radiator grille, which is the front intake, and the headlamp are connected in one. Lee Sang-jeep, head of the Hyundai Motor Design Center, said: "This is the first time Grandio is the first mass-produced car in Hyundai to make several design elements instead of lines."

The new Grandanger is equipped with a variety of specifications developed by Hyundai. Hyundai's first air purification system. Good dust sensors monitor indoor air, while an air filter that can absorb 99% ultrafine dust purifies the vehicle air. The filter can be replaced every six months up to one year (15,000 km). The smart attitude control system, which detects and controls the passenger's position, is also equipped with better performance. After a long drive, the lumbar support automatically moves in four directions: up, down, left and right, changing shape to reduce fatigue of the spine.

New key specifications

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), an early phase of autonomous driving that Hyundai is encouraging, will also be upgraded. The High Speed ​​Drive Assist (HDA) system, which enables steering while maintaining distance and lanes between cars, was previously only available on highways, but in the Granu Granger, it can also be used on highways. The total number of domestic roads supported by this system is 6623 km, 40% more than before, and Hyundai plans to continue updating road data.

Newu Granger reached 32,227 contracts in the initial contracts that ran from April 4 to April 18. This is the record for most homegrowns (2,7491 units) that the 6th Generation Grandiost has, and the partial replacement model has beaten the previous contract results. In particular, the 30 ~ 40s of previous performers accounted for 53%, and the younger age group of consumers looking for Granger is young. Vice President Yang aea-hoon said: "It was a big hit designing a variety of high-tech amenities for young people."

The new Majesty is available in four rows: 2.5 petrol, 3.3 petrol, 2.4 hybrid and 3.0 LPi. Prices range from 32,940,000 to 4,490,000 won for petrol and 36,690,000 to 44,890,000 won for hybrids, depending on the engine and trim.

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