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Autumn travel, be careful with stroke 180 minutes of golden time are important for the symptoms of the predecessors

The new coronavirus has also changed the course of leisure. Due to social distance, visits to facilities such as hotels and condos have dropped significantly, while mountaineers and campers visiting hidden mountains or valleys have increased significantly. Amidst this, the top view of the autumn leaves is expected to provide even greater comfort to middle-aged people suffering from Corona 19.

However, as the daily temperature difference appears more than 15 degrees, special attention is needed for the health of middle-aged people. When the weather gets cold, the blood vessels constrict to maintain body temperature. In particular, as the number of novice walkers and campers with little understanding of the natural environment increases significantly, blood pressure management should be noted as a result of temperature differences.

Patients with stroke are constantly increasing Care is needed during the change of seasons where the daily difference in temperature is large

Stroke, the main culprit for sudden death in Korea in the 1940s and 1950s, is a disease that occurs when blood vessels that supply blood to the brain become blocked or ruptured. According to statistics on the causes of death in 2019, published by the National Statistical Office last month, cerebrovascular diseases due to cancer, heart disease and pneumonia, rank fourth in the cause of death, with a high percentage. In addition, according to statistics from the Health Insurance Review and Evaluation Service, the number of patients treated for stroke is steadily increasing from year to year, reaching 61,3824 last year.

In Korea, where the four seasons are different, stroke is a disease that must be waged in all four seasons. Cold winters, when blood vessels constrict rapidly, and hot summers, when blood clots occur, also have a high risk of stroke. However, it is difficult to predict the temperature during outdoor activities during the changing seasons when the temperature changes significantly. In particular, sudden activities in nature such as mountains and seas are different from the urban environment, so more attention is needed.

“Sudden outdoor activities during the change of seasons can be dangerous for middle-aged people who have increased stress due to the recent Corona 19,” said Lim Seong-hwan, a neurologist at Seoul Chuck Hospital Neurology Center. “We need more attention,” he said.

▶ “Golden time” is important … In case of a precursor symptom, you must visit a medical facility immediately.

Stroke is divided into stroke caused by blockage of blood vessels and cerebral hemorrhage caused by rupture of blood vessels. If it occurs, it is a very dangerous disease that can lead to sudden death. Even if it does not lead to death, as soon as an epidemic occurs, the consequences are serious, making everyday life difficult.

Prognostic symptoms include headache or dizziness, and speech may become dull. One side of the face, arms and legs suffer from unilateral paralysis, and these symptoms suddenly appear and disappear, which can be a big problem once you are careful.

In particular, in the case of a backpack, which has recently increased, blood pressure and heart rate may increase due to the weight of the luggage. In addition, the higher the altitude, the more oxygen is lacking, and if you wear a Corona 19 mask, the risk of stroke may increase.

Manager Seong-hwan Lim said: “In the middle of age, you should lighten the weight of your luggage while walking and rest immediately in case of headache or dizziness.” “You should notify your family immediately and call 119 for help.”

Stroke is 180 minutes in golden time. If thrombolytic drug is administered intravenously within 3 hours (180 minutes) after the onset of cerebral infarction, the blocked blood vessel may reopen.

Once a brain injury occurs, it is difficult to recover, and side effects cause pain not only for yourself but also for your family. Therefore, it is most important to prevent this in advance.

Stroke prevention is to find and manage risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and carotid artery stenosis. Manager Seong-hwan Lim advised: “In middle-aged people, it is useful to find risk factors through regular health examinations, and if there are risk factors, it is also useful to examine the condition of the cerebrovascular through imaging tests.”

In addition, because stroke is often caused by lifestyle habits such as stress, smoking, alcohol and obesity, thorough life management is required.

First of all, you need to avoid a lot of drinking and smoking and manage your weight through regular exercise. Moderate exercise without exaggeration lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. You should also be careful with excessive intake of salts that increase blood pressure. Excessive sodium intake, the main component of salt, increases blood flow and causes high blood pressure. And it is good to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Reporter Yang Yong-ho [email protected]

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