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Anti-bullet scouts dressed in pajamas, “Life Go’s On” on MV 100 million views before … “The second day of spring”

TS BTS_BE (Deluxe Edition) _ Concept Photo Group. (Photo = provided by Big Hit Entertainment)

“One day, the world stopped / Without any warning / Because I did not know how to wait / Spring came without announcement / The street where my feet were wiped / I fall here / I go alone / Time, sorry, without words”

The song of the group ‘BTS’ (BTS) makes you stay long both visually and acoustically. There is a good opinion not only in the “music to watch” of the beautiful group dance, but also in the “music to be heard” which leaves a lasting impression.

The cover of “if life goes on” on the recently released new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” is close to the last. Now, when everyone feels helpless because of the KOVID-19 pandemic, the message that ‘we still have to live’ may feel simple.

However, the power of this song is to convey the feeling that “I can become a better person” with “this obvious but strict truth”.

Self-affirmation → Internal examination в → love for life

Through the self-promotion series “Love Yourself” and the “Salt Map” series that raised the “power of love” from within, this album was released after facing Corona 19. Show your posture.

“Dynamite”, which was released in August and topped the global charts, including Billboard Top 100, was a “current song” that caused a catastrophe that suddenly came to life.

Members BTS members take commemorative photos attending the global press conference for their new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” at Dongdaemmun Design Plaza in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 20th.

Life Gos On, which has the same roots as Dynamite but is more serious, is closer to Future Song. In the alternative hip-hop genre, characterized by the emotional sound of a guitar, they sing “hold my hand here / let’s run into the future / the day will come back / as if nothing happened”.

The songs we hear now affect our future. Bullet scouts, who sent a message telling them to love themselves, have now reached the point of giving a message to love our lives.

It is an empirical conclusion, so there is a great consensus. This album is also an album with more members than the previous members. This year was a year for BTS to record “Career High”. If the world tour went as planned, it was natural to write various world records.

Members who had to stay at home rather than at the World Concert Hall were delighted with the depression. Amid this, he was the first Korean singer to take first place in the “Top 100” and face an unexpected point of flexion in life. So you can sing “Fly another day”.

Life goes on, dreaming again of a spring day

Many fans even refer to “Goth’s life” as “Second Spring Day”. “Spring Day” was chosen as a song by BTS favorite BTS “fandom” Armi in a self-investigation conducted last June to mark the 7th anniversary of their debut.

‘Spring Day’ is a song found on the album ‘You Never Go Alone’ released by BTS in February 2017. It is an alternative hip-hop song that combines brit-rock sensibility and electronic sound.

“I miss you / I miss you / if you wait a little longer / if you wait a few more nights / I will go to meet you / I will pick you up / after the cold winter is over / until spring comes again / while the flowers are blooming / stay there a little longer / stay there “

In the verses that melted the personal experiences of RM and Suga, there was a message in which it is said that he will not lose hope while waiting for the meeting with his distant friend. The Republic of Macedonia also participated in the composition of a lyrical melody.

Members also found the answer to the crisis in their relationship. The Republic of Macedonia hoped at the press conference on the 20th, “We hope to strengthen our will to overcome the difficult situation in relations not only with individual members, but also with many people who listen to our music.”

“Music I owe you this music and you will tell me / People say that the world has changed / fortunately, between us / we have not changed yet”

Talking about the closeness of a psychological relationship when you need to distance yourself from a physical relationship. The intimacy of a relationship through musical imagination is sometimes this intimate.

The music video for “Life Go’s On”, where Jungkuk takes on the role of director, shows the daily attitude of the members and shows a song in a concert hall with an empty audience behind.

The music video for “On My Pillow” version of “Life Goes On” released on the 22nd is also popular. In this music video, which borrows some of the lyrics of “if life goes on” as a translation, BTS members wear pajamas with their bedroom in the background, which makes them more intimate.

The album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” was ranked number one on the iTunes’Top Album chart in 90 countries and regions around the world the day before, predicting another explosion. The BTS Life Go’s On stage will be presented for the first time at the 2020 American Music Awards on the 22nd (local time).

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