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"0 wins" "property" Lower the art auction threshold!


It is easy to think that there are only expensive works at the art auction.

Also special are the auctions that start with the conquered scratch and the masterpieces auctions.

Reporter Park Jio-ongong reports.


I firmly pulled the colored cloth around my canvas.

This is the work of Jung, a painter who for the first time during the auction used a cloth instead of brushes and paints.

[정다운 / 작가] "I actually had a lot of pressure to participate in the auction. I thought it was a chance to present the work to many collectors through the auction. I think it's a challenge."

Seoul's newly opened online auction at Zero Auction took an unprecedented price of 0 won.

Six artists have been carefully selected for their work, such as Jamien, who draws a child's face, and Yang Eun-wu, who uses a strange street.

There are 100,000 regular artists working in Korea, but only 0.1% of artists are familiar with the art market.

It started with the goal of discovering and presenting hidden artists and letting buyers decide on the price based on their own eyes.

[정태희 / 서울옥션 경매사] “Artists who have not come up with the art market situation rarely appear at auction. Instead of calculating and auctioning the artist's price, the artist's work is evaluated on the market as it is. "

There are also auctions mainly dealing with masters goods such as Kim Jwan-ki, Lee U-Jwan, and Shawn Gyeong.

It is a weekly online auction that holds the Auction and mainly produces prints and small masterpieces. The average bid is between 800,000 and 1 million won.

[손이천 / 케이옥션 경매사] "I think a lot of people are creating the opportunity to see the auction, beyond existing customers and expand the basis of art auctions."

As the art market shrinks due to economic slowdown and tax incentives, it is notable that fresh auctions can find new paths.

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