Thursday , September 24 2020

[홍콩르포 영상] Tears of tears and Molotov cocktails … facing police and protesters in Hong Kong


(Hong Kong = News 1) Journalist Lee Seung-ah and rapporteur Lee Je-ming = Clashes between protesters and police began at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong on the morning of the 17th.

Hundreds of protesters have reported to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the latest demonstration of the protesters.

Police fired water cannons and tear gas from time to time, as the protesters did not leave even after the latest "departure" ultimatum. The protesters threw firebombs at their own catapults.

In the process, police armored cars burned down and the neighborhood of Hong Kong Polytechnic University was a battlefield.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong School Board has said it will extend the school holiday by 18 days.

The school has been suspended for five days.

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