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[취재후] Kim Soo-hyun is one ball? "Red pocket, blue pocket" by Janga Hae Sung> After the news> Politics> News

There is hardly any guest or journalist who laughed together at the official Cheong Wa Dae information point. Because this issue is a matter of concern, most likely the strange tension between briefing and reporters flows in a solemn atmosphere.

However, there was a rare opportunity at the first meeting of journalists Kim Seo-hyun, the new Director of Politics, on day 11. The reporter asked: "Have you ever been informed by former Chae Hae Sung Chief Policy Officer (he left)?"

"He left me and gave me a red pocket and a blue pocket."

The reporters I heard said "Yes?" When we were wondering, Kim Chung-jin explained the matter in detail.

"You asked me to open it when it was difficult."

Kim Soo-hyun, president of Cheong Wa Dae, and the reporters laughed together for some time. It was a reasonable answer mixed up with jokes, while they continued to answer questions with journalists on the main outstanding issues, such as "two-part" controversies, views on property policy and economic prospects.

I asked about the background of Cheong Wa Dae's policy on Kim's statements and said, "Kim Su-Hyun is a joke class, a serious class." Instead of leaving a real portfolio or papers for CEO Jang Hae-sung, he said: "Based on my experience, working as a policy manager for a year and a half, I left encouragement, call and wisdom to the new chief executive." This is the "pocket of wisdom" left by the general manager to leave, what would she have in her pocket?

Kim & Chang, Jean & Kim … "Wasteful" chaos

In a situation where economic performance does not improve around employment rates, two vice prime minister Kim Dong-yeon and head of Chang Hae-Sung's policy office have come up with different voices. You gave me a kind of "pseudonym". Spokesperson Cheong Wa Dae said: "Apparently there are differences of opinion, although there is a difference in breathing." It was a mixed statement that the media overestimated the conflicts of these two.

It seems, however, that both men are fighting for who is leading the economic policy initiative because they have different ideas for the main economic issues, such as the actual minimum wages and employment prospects.

When Kim and Chang talk about disarray, he tells Jang Ha-seong: "Why Kim and Yang, not Jang-neng?" Of course, as usual, I was joking, but I hear Jang as a joke.

"Chief Changhae, Kim Dong-Yeon headed" an increase in innovation "

Cheong Wa Dae official who worked with Chung Hae-sung, said that Jeong, who led the income-based growth, was saddened by the lack of success in "Innovative development"

"Current government policy, income-based growth, growth in innovation and a fair economy must be complementary, and Jeong-chan fears that its revenue-driven growth suffers from controversy over the minimum wage increase. I expected to present achievements and achievements in the field of increased innovation but I regretted lack of success. "(Cheong Wa Dae official)

"Kim and Chang" I think the background of these two people "It is expected that the" Red and blue handbag "given to Chung Hae-sung, the CEO, who left the office, will analyze and reflect on the results of the policy for the last year and a half.

In any case, the first economic team called "Kim and Chang" came to an end, and the second economic team was full of Kim Soo-hyuna, the head of politics who donated the red and blue pocket left by Jeong. Kim Soo-hyun stressed that the Economic Supreme Court is currently one economy minister.

Kim Soo-hyun, head of the new political commission (11, press conference)
"The head of the policy is the person who supports the president and will play a role in supporting and supporting the activities of the minister of economy.

Kim said: "I am a person under the leadership of the Minister of Economy," but I think that there are not many people who believe in politics.

Kim Soo-hyun is now here? We need to respond to the results of economic policy, not an exhaustive "one-off" debate.

Kim Soo-hyun was the head of the "real world" society, who was actively overseeing the real estate market policy and post-war policy of the current government under the absolute confidence of the President of the Moon, and now he has moved to the position of head of policy overseeing politics. It has already been said that the power is not too strong. Sohn Hak-kyu, chairman of the right-wing party, said: "It is said that the deputy prime minister and head of politics are an original team, but it is certain that it is Kim Soo-hyun.

However, in retrospect, it does not matter to people, whether it is Kim, Jang, Hong-An, or who is the economic or real leader. Everyone is going to leave everything to develop a job and economic policy.

In a situation where different economic indicators are in a red light, I think that the second economic team should fiercely discuss and debate and see if one team and one vote can do well in economic policy.

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