Friday , September 25 2020

[출근길 인터뷰] From auto insurance to renewal at a glance / YonhapnewsTV


[출근길 인터뷰] From auto insurance to renewal at a glance

In the future, if you access the "Comprehensive Auto Insurance Portal" managed by the Korean Life Insurance Association, you will be able to check the necessary information from auto insurance until renewal at a glance.

An auto insurance portal information service has been introduced, which collects all websites related to auto insurance.

[박진형의 출근길 인터뷰] I meet with An Ji Jie-hong, head of the Korean Insurance Association of Insurance, and discuss the concept and tasks of a comprehensive auto insurance portal service.

[질문 1] First, let's start with the portal information service, a collection of sites related to auto insurance.

[질문 2] Auto insurance is difficult to understand due to its complicated product structure and difficult terms. What are the specific improvements?

[질문 3] It also provides links to the publication room menu for each insurance company, where you can download an insurance policy or product summary for each insurance company.

[질문 4] With just one click, it is now possible to use "one-stop-shop" access to the auto insurance homepage. What effect can you expect from opening this page?

So far I have been with An Ni-hong from the Korean Insurance Association.

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