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[초점]Song Gang-ho X Woo Min Ho "Drug King", the second movie of the year will be released



Poster "Drug King" Photo = Showbox

"Kang Ho's song from ten thousand actors returns.

"Drug King", co-founder of Woo Min Ho and the director of the movie "Insiders" (2015), was confirmed in December.

"Drug King" is a film about the history of a ruthless smuggler who became a patriot in the seventies, when the drug was taken away.

The film collected topics from the planning stage. Woo Min-ho, director of the movie "Insiders", which gathered 9 million viewers in 2015, met the Korean actor Song Kang Ho to attract the attention of filmmakers.

Initially, Drug King was to open in the summer of last year, but it was deplorable for the winter season. The waiting for a movie is growing that the decision was made to improve perfection.

On March 7, Drug King unveiled the badge and removed the curtain. Public posters show overwhelming management and charisma with intense visual effects.

Song Gang-ho will play the role of the "legendary drug king" Lee Ssang Sam and show his most dramatic transformation since his debut. Song Kang-ho said: "King of drugs" is a new work that will find fresh and unconventional aspects that have not been found in any Korean genre.

In addition, a copy called "The state is a criminal, the world is called the king" adds a new look to Song Kang Ho and increases the curiosity of the character.

The poster with the trailer also contained unique credits. Tong-seok, Bae Doo-na, Kim So-Jin, Kim Dae-myung, Lee Hee-joon and Cho-woo-jin, who are active in the film together with Song Gang-

"Drug King" will also publish posters such as Kang Seok Seok, Bae Doo Na, Kim So Jin, Kim Dae Myung, Lee Hee Jun and Jo Woo Jin, who have worked with Song Gangho.

Three years ago, Woo Min Ho's "Insiders" gathered 9 million viewers and opened "Insiders: The Original", an extension of the collection. In addition, last year's "taxi driver" and "millionaire actress" Song Gang-ho, which gathered 12 million viewers, led the play to gather in anticipation.

In December, Christmas and the end of the year are theaters. The last time, "With God – Sin and Punishment" and "1987", which were opened last year, enjoyed specialties, mobilizing respectively 1440 and 720. It is anticipated that the cinema will be unveiled this year. The largest distributors, such as PMC, Swing Kids and Malma, are waiting for the audience to announce their composition from the very beginning, starting with Drug King. It is worth noting that "Drug King" will record a second CD this year with 10 million Korean films.

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