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[종합]"Woman, why do not you go to the army?" Mountain & # 39; Feminist & # 39; lyrics → Hurricane of men and women "Shihan" (professional): Sports Chosun

[스포츠조선 이유나 기자]"Woman, why do not you go to an army that wants rights?" vs "Why are not you going?"

Rapper Mountain released the new song "Feminist" shortly after he published the movie "Assault on Assault". There are signs that conflicts between men and women will spread.

On this day, when the words containing a sensitive difference of opinion about men and women were released, SNS was rejected as a confrontation of men and women.

On November 16, Sang-soo released his new song "Feministka" with his article "#Feminist ≠ # Warmad am F E M I N I S T" on his SNS. Sanyi, who became the center of controversy, publishing the video about the assault at Isu Station, which recently led to the attack of sexual love, shocked, caused controversy in his song thanks to the announcement of this new song.

I do not know why I do not want my money when I leave, but I gave him all the parking for the subway bus, so it's half the price of my home when I get married. Confucian ideological patriarchal sacrifice. "

Supporting the "Mitu" movement, he also revealed a lack of trust in Mitu. "I hope they will," Sani said, "why do not I have to do something related to the settlement?" I made room for controversy, like the words "He also said he should eliminate the feminine and feminine family for healthy femininity.

However, "I am a woman, I am not disgusted with a woman, but I love her too much," he said, "I am not in danger and I trust that you trust me."

In the release of the new song "Sanyi", which deals with discrimination and reverse discrimination between men and women, his SNS was masked as a story of war.

There is controversy regarding the content of the birth of a child, childbirth, menstruation, double income, housework and mother-in-law with the position of women, and criticism that the nationality of the mountains is American, and the voice "I followed.

Although there are male advocates as a cold body, there are many critical remarks about noise marketing that uses this content to encourage hatred for sex.

Earlier in the mountains, on the 15th of his SNS, the incident "Iseo Station New Video", along with an additional video of the attack on Isseo was disclosed to the controversy. In the case of the "Lee Soo Station" incident, three men and two women in a pub near Isu on March 13 suffered a collision and struggle after they spoke out against each other in hate speech. The Cheong Wa Dae national petition, containing the victim's allegations, received over 300,000 votes. In the image of the mountains, women who are parties to "Lee Soo Station" sang "When I was born 6.9", "I do not even know what the XX is because I have never met a woman", "Men were confronted by saying" Follow ", "Stop" and "X Gal X." Some of them said: "Illegally filmed material containing only the words of a persecuted woman."

In response, the person responsible for the new music at Sanbun said: "SNS Sanyi is not part of his agency." The feminist also got to know SNS SNS late and it was an unexpected sound recording.

<이하 산이 '페미니스트' 가사 전문>

I am a feminist. I believe that a woman is equal. Listen, I mentioned you first. Mom and dad are first like mom. I also read a book. The personal case was politically cold. She always lived. Our male has always been persecuted and historically.

But I do not understand whether a woman and a man are not equal at the moment. My grandmother does not know then, but now that you have become unjust. You are also one of the OECD countries, the pay gap between Korean women and men.

If you want to do it, why do not you go to Dan? Why do I have money when I meet? What do you want more than me? Then, when I get married, it's half the house price, I'm not a prince. I have much to say, men are also victims of Confucianism. But why did I do it? Did I do it?

Sister, why crazy? fault system. Not men. I'm a feminist

I am a feminist

You know, I support my training, okay? Kim Director Joe Actors Because of gangsters, men are sneaky and defame honestly, but I do not have such extreme circumstances, why should I deal with them in accordance with the contract? Floral hose? I want them to sell their bodies and get money, brothers and sisters, criminals, X rights.

I have to get rid of it for healthy women, first I have to get rid of it I want to get rid of the Uhmad Gehta males Now the horses are not dry But it's the end of the human frame (what? They're all in shape to please you You're not a bra that's childish, no you have a kick, you just cut your hair, so you look like a progressive woman who seems to be conscious?

Gender equality? Nah is inferiority. I do not like the fact that your long hair does not change.

And I'm a feminist

I'm a girl I do not hate a girl I love you too I love you My mother and a sister My sister is like a sister I'm not such a loser coming out of a message I never shout, I admit to guilty men for the day I can walk around in Gangnam station in the night. Okay, I'm not in danger. I trust in you, I'm fine. I am a feminist

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