Thursday , September 24 2020

[정치]Weapons defense policy


The American side should be seeking to increase defense spending
Democrats 'take initiative' against Korean party 'Be careful'
Leader of 3 parties, visit to the US on the 20th


Political circles are calling for a bipartisan response to US pressure to increase defense spending.

Ruling tripartite officials visit the United States this week (20th), stressing whether they can maintain a bipartisan resolution despite disagreements over the end of isisomy and the fight for quick legislation.

This is a report by Na Yeon-soo.


$ 4.7 billion, $ 5.4 trillion

All responded that the United States requires almost five times more than defense spending.

But while the Democratic Party has issued a resolution calling for a fair settlement of defense contributions, a statement and an aggressive takeover of the offensive, the Yuhan party has to overturn the decision to end endisomy, saying it should be cautious as well as the national interest.

[이인영 / 더불어민주당 원내대표 : 납득할 수 없는 인상 요구는 우리 국민이 동의하기 어렵습니다. 미국 정부는 방위비 분담금, 지소미아 연장을 순리대로 풀어주길 희망합니다.] [나경원 / 자유한국당 원내대표 : 심각하게 고민하고 신중하게 처신해야 될 부분임을 다시 한 번 말씀드립니다 당장 미국과의 관계에서 지소미아 파기 결정에 대해서는 번복해야 된다는 점을 다시 한 번 말씀드립니다.]

Tripartite delegations from the negotiating group will visit the United States on the 20th and share their views on contributing to national defense.

Obtaining a bipartisan resolution prior to this timetable has become a priority for the opposition party.

[심상정 / 정의당 대표(지난 15일 유튜브 방송) : 방위비 분담금조차도 공동결의안을 채택하지 못하면 미국 가서 각자 딴소리 할 겁니까? 19일에 꼭 해야 되는데….]

If the United States insists on $ 4.7 billion and our Congress finally refuses to ratify it, the government will not be able to contribute to the United States.

But in reality, there is no way to break the ROC-US alliance, so it is worth noting that Congress can make a concerted effort to find the best number to increase the government's bargaining power.

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