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[정치부회의] US-Korea Security Council… US military headquarters stretches out to Kizomiya

Seoul's headquarters is currently being assembled, the United States defense avengers. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Commander Mark Mills, US Army Chief of Staff, Commander Philip Davidson, who oversees the Indo-Pacific that includes the Korean Peninsula and Commander Robert Abrams. 4×3 = 12 stars, 12 stars.

The reason for their rally in Seoul is to attend the Security Council, which will rotate every year. This year, the biggest issue was the issue of the Korean-Japanese security agreement and Yisomiya military deal, which was about a week before the end. Speaking on the plane to South Korea, Esper said: "My message is that Jesseomi should stay. Clearly, I will express US concern. " The question was asked at a press conference after the meeting. First, Defense Secretary Jung Kyung-Doo said, "That's the basic idea behind maintaining an omisomia," assuming the consultations with Japan are good. In the meantime, I have also asked the United States to try to change Japan's position. On the other hand, US Secretary of Defense Esper said: "Then China and North Korea benefit from the expiry of the isisomie or the conflict between Korea and Japan."

At today's meeting, the United States pressured both Gizmia and the ongoing 11th defense negotiation. It is known to require $ 5 billion, nearly five times the amount of contributions this year. The two ministers said: "I agree that the contributions to the defense should be decided at a fair and mutually agreed level and that the 11th round of negotiations should be concluded before the tenth agreement ends."

By the way, the United States did not put too much pressure or talk with Japan, which decided to put an end to Jizomi through retaliatory export restrictions. If you want to emphasize the US-Japan-Japan military cooperation, not only will South Korea be beaten, but even the cause, Japan, must express regret over the minimal export restrictions. Secretary Esper visits President Moon aee-in at the Blue House at 4:00 p.m. The Blue House reiterated its view that there would be no cancellation at the end of the isisomy without a change of attitude in Japan.

[고민정/청와대 대변인 (MBC라디오 ‘김종배의 시선집중’과 인터뷰) : 우리도 피치 못하게 지소미아 종료 결정을 했기 때문에 지금에 와서 아무런 변화도 없고 수출규제 문제라든지 한·일 간에 변화가 없는 상황 속에서 우리가 무작정 지소미아 종료를 번복한다거나 이런 것은 당시 결정이 신중하지 않았다라는 것을 얘기하는 것이기도 하거든요.]

On the other hand, there is a view that the United States is not biased towards Japan because it is pushing for the maintenance of Kizomiya. Jisomia is essential to protecting US forces in Korea and North Korea from North Korea, meaning Jisomia is sensitive to the lives of Americans. The same is true of the balance of power against North Korea, China and Russia. US-US commander Abrams said: "The basic principle of isisomy is a clear message that the two countries will put stability and security first in Northeast Asia, rather than in historical differences." President Mark Milli says: "The North and China will benefit from the end of Gizom."

[마크 밀리/미국 합참의장 (지난 12일) : 미국은 일본과 매우 강력한 군사적·정치적 동맹, 방위 협정을 맺고 있습니다. 우리는 그 정도의 수준을 유지하고자 합니다. 당신도 알다시피, 미국과 일본은 이 지역에서 공통의 국가 안보 과제에 직면해 있습니다. 일본과 어깨를 나란히 하고 있는 것이 자랑스럽습니다.]

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