Sunday , September 20 2020

[자막뉴스] Senior SP officials also brought… Increased investigation into organizational involvement / CBS News


PD An Mo and PD Kim Mo in charge of the "Production" series arrested by police on 5th.
During the order, police seized the SP ENM headquarters for approximately 10 hours.
It was further confirmed that the police had received a warrant and were looking into the office of the Director General of the SP ENM.
Kim, a director, is unlikely to manipulate the results of the vote himself, and police are expanding the investigation.
He added that more than 10 people had been recruited, including chief executives and agencies that had been seized and searched.
Police officials have just written: "Criminal charges should be revealed further."
Police plan to hand over two people, including Kim PD, who were arrested for fraud and fraud to prosecutors tomorrow and will continue to investigate the remaining tenants.
Another audition program, "Idol School and Product Series", is under investigation and aims to address overall suspicion, including slowing down entertainers and elderly intervention.
Police also said that "the nature of the case undermines the fairness of the crew", and the investigation into the invitations, which is a reference to participants who appeared in the program, was not investigated at all.
CBS News

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