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[이슈톡] Honor Hyung Min's son to the inappropriate little son

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Let's look at the second keyword.


The second keyword is "Ways of Sung Um Dream".

This time, it's a different story than the son of a Chinese conglomerate who is embarrassed.

Football fans around the world are cheering for Little Jeong-min's action in the English Premier League.

Last 9 days after local time.

It's a performance by Dream Hyung-min at Jusper Stadium in London, England.

Amid heavy rain, Son Hyung Min, who hit the ground, puts his hands on the heads of escorted children to prevent the rain.

A young boy, who was escorted, looked at the athlete and was impressed.

The local press admires the behavior of Son Jung-min, saying: "The hottest moment of this weekend league match", "Hyung soon has a pure soul and is very humble."

Fans also applauded Son's actions, saying, "If there is a vote for the best player, I will vote for Jung Min."

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Not only do you play well in football, but you also have people who care about others.

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