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[송지훈의 축구·공·감] Bento's Lebanese shock


Joe Kwang-rara, who returned to Korea after losing 1-2 in a away game in 2011, was attacked by a reporter at Incheon International Airport. [중앙포토]

Joe Kwang-rara, who returned to Korea after losing 1-2 in a away game in 2011, was attacked by a reporter at Incheon International Airport. [중앙포토]

November 15, 2011, eight years ago. Korea lost 1-2 to Lebanon in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil at the Beirut Sport City Stadium in Lebanon. Defender Fadri, 38, who first came out of the ground, shouted and slammed the door to the dressing room. I still remember the sound of Udang Tang shooting indoors and the faces of Lebanese football officials who enjoyed watching the scene.

Tactical solution to the expedition to Lebanon
8 years ago they overcame the clutter in the mixed environment
A similar situation again
Good communication between players and do not get excited

The consequences of the defeat were enormous. Lebanon's shock follows Korea's national team. A month later, the Korean Football Association strengthened the coach of the national team of Joe Kwangra (65, Daegu FC). He was notable until the Lebanese expedition with the word "cartoon football".

A few years later, privately, I asked Coach Ja Du Ri about the situation. "Do you remember all that?" "We couldn't apply anything we prepared for the race. It is ours but we are upset that it is not the environment in which we can play football. "

Coach Paulo Bento. [연합뉴스]

Coach Paulo Bento. [연합뉴스]

The stadium scene in Beirut that I witnessed on site was like huge fields. The grass is sparse or has a lot of fans. Refraction occurred even on short notice. Lebanese players ended the game with a deliberate foul when Korean players caught the ball. South Korea defeated Lebanon 6-0 in a home match held in Goyang Stadium in September 2011, two months before the expedition to Lebanon. Related 477 of 582 additions. 82% success rate. It was different in Beirut. They not only reduced to 407 additions, but dropped to 283 (70%). Due to the bad conditions on the field, the play that was prepared could not be taken out.

The environment inside and outside the stadium was serious. Rockets, tanks and armored vehicles were deployed in front of the stadium, and soldiers with guns surrounded the stadium. During the game, the speakers screamed in unnoticed monologues (a kind of prayer prayer). It seemed to test the concentration of both the racer and the spectator. It was a stadium as a religious or military facility that was marked as a football field.

At 14:00, 10:00 (Korea time), the second round of the 2022 Atar World Cup in Korea and Lebanon will take place in an atmosphere not much different than eight years ago. The football union, which went to Beirut before the squad and checked the stadium's status, was determined to be "the worst". Paulo Bento (50, Portugal) gave up his customized training the day before the match.

The team will be able to enter Beirut on the charter after completing their last training day before the race in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He will return to the Abu Dhabi camp shortly after the match. As in Pyongyang last month, it is based on the principle that the team manages, "Far in bad conditions, the schedule is minimized."

Lebanon, which saw "fun" eight years ago, awaits Korea in a similar environment. If so, this is not an easy game. If the situation is full of unexpected variables, neither the 9th consecutive World Cup qualifying experience nor the 52-step or high-ranking FIFA rankings (39th in Korea and 91st in Lebanon) are meaningless. Since pre-prepared tactics can be useless, communication between players is important. You need to constantly talk, encourage and relieve excitement and stress. It is time to bring together all of Korea's national teams, including Son Yeung-min (27, Tottenham), who has become a reliable leader.

Song Jii-hoon Football Team Manager

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