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[사회]Lee Dong-ho, former chief of the High Military Court, redeemed junction at Sea …

Lee Dong-Ho's arrest warrant… Alleged 'bribe'
"Impact on the delivery process in exchange for military supply"
Dismissal following the dismissal of Dong-ho Lee as a former court chief
Seoul Central District Court, more morning


Prosecutors have sought a warrant for the former High Military Court, Lee Dong-ho, on charges of accepting bribes from military service companies.

The former chief justice, who became a civilian following the dismissal of the defense ministry, has been arrested on a warrant by the Sea court (21).

Reporter Park Se-kyung.


Former Chief Justice Lee Dong-ho, a former chief of the military's top judicial agency, is at the crossroads of redemption.

Prosecutors have filed a warrant for the former chief of court on charges of "bribery" under certain crimes.

The former head of the court has for years been receiving nearly $ 100 million in cash and entertainment from military contractor CEO Jung Mo.

Prosecutors believe the former chief of court influenced Jung's grocery delivery process in exchange for money.

Prosecutors have confirmed the situation when the former chief of court returned money to a regular account and filed a complaint for alleged violations of the Criminal Revenue Code.

Prosecutors seized and searched the Higher Military Court at the Pentagon's office on May 5, and then summoned a military supply company official and former court president.

Mr Lee reportedly admitted to confessing most of his money to the first prosecution investigation.

When the prosecution's investigation began, the Department announced that normal work was difficult and dismissed the former chief of court after dismissing him from office.

As the status shifts from soldiers to civilians, the Seoul Central District Court will determine whether the former president has been arrested.

So far, no general has been investigated as a suspect other than the former court president.

However, the prosecution is expanding the investigation, considering a military supplier official who has handed over the money to other military officials.

This is YTN Park Seo-kyung.

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