Tuesday , September 21 2021

[방송]"Nine Years of Devotion" Hong Yun-hwa ♥ Kim Minki, Lee Soo-joo, Choi Jae-jin,

Gongju's representative Hong Yoon-hwa and Kim Min-ki were married at the end of the nine-year service. Congratulations to my colleagues, such as the fertility of love of two people, exoticism, Choi Ji-Jin, Sim Jin-hwa, Chang Young-Ran,

On May 17, he said: "My groom is more upset than the bride." I sent some pictures with the message "My beautiful Yoonhwa, my loving brother of mine.

In the public image, he revealed his appearance to groom Kim Min Ki and bride Hong Yun-hwa. Three people show happiness with a bright smile.

Sim Jinhwa also congratulated the marriage of both writers: "We love you, Yoonhwa, Min-gu, let's be happy, let's live well, I love you so much." Jang Young-Ran, who visited the wedding ceremony along with Sim Jin-hwa, also said: "Yoon-hwa's wedding ceremony is beautiful, very charming, it is Hong-Yun-hwa. Congratulations and I'm happy as now. .

Jongmin joined the wedding with her husband and child. He said: "Kim Min-gi, Hong Yun-hwa and the couple, the wedding itself is everywhere."

Lee Won Il announces his photo from Hong Yoon – hwa and congratulates the marriage of two people, saying: "I envy you.

Choi said: "We are happy with our ears, Yomi Yoonhwa and the rest of us." The gaggle armchairs said, "I'm living happily well," and I gave a tender message.

In the afternoon of that afternoon, Hong Yun-hwa Kim Minh, who had taken the wedding ceremony at the Riverside Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Two people who were cheered in al-Maldong from early devotion, made love for nine years. Such a number is known and the society is also very interested and loved.

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