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[리뷰] Execution of the Gaming Gaming Laptop application, Aesus TUF FX504G series

In the past, it was stupid to buy a laptop to play games. This is because the ability to play a desktop computer is too low compared to the price. However, as a new processor (central processing unit) or a graphical processing unit (graphics processing), which is small in size and capable of high performance, has been developed, a 'gaming notebook' The PC market has a significant weight.

Ausus TUF FX504G series (source = IT Donga)

However, these products are more expensive than ordinary laptops. In order to smoothly start the game, there are many parts of high performance, and the design and accessories are splendidly decorated, so the price is lagging behind. However, there are one or two toy laptops that have some of the key game-related features while controlling some of the less commonly used features and suppressing unnecessary decorations. One of them is the TUF FX504G series of ASUS, which has good specifications and can be bought at a relatively reasonable price of about one million victories.

An impressive design that is not luxurious but also features a 120Hz monitor

Aussus TUF FX504G is a large 15.6-inch notebook. High prices such as aluminum and magnesium alloys are invisible and plastic-oriented, but have a strong design that blends black and red. It weighs up to 2.3 pounds, so it's more suitable for stationary than for portable, but it's not too long to move around for a while.

Ausus TUF FX504G series (source = IT Donga)

The screen accepts a wide angle panel with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and has a good color and viewing angle. It does not support the G-synchronization function that suppresses the phenomenon of tearing that part of the screen is divided when the output frame on the GPU screen exceeds the refresh rate of the monitor (the number of screen shots per second) I'm a bit sad. Instead, the built-in monitor will support a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is twice the normal monitor, so there will be no breakage in a short time.

Configuration of the interface given the model of use of the gamer

A 15-inch laptop-sized laptop has enough space for each key and has numerous frames on the right side. It has red backlight, which is useful when used in the dark, and highlights the four W, A, S, D keys, which are often used in games, in red. The key depth is about 20 mm.

Part of keyboard and backward palm (source = IT East)

The interface on the various sides is collected on the left side of the body, given the way the gamer uses the game with the mouse on the right side of the body of the notebook. Three USB ports (3.0 x 2, 2.0 x 1), one HDMI port, one audio input / output port and one wired LAN (gigabit capable) port and one power socket.

Connection interface on the left side of the body (source = IT East)

Relatively inefficient interfaces such as USB 3.1 gen2, advanced interfaces like Thunderbolt and card readers are left out, but the concept and price of the product are not understandable. In addition, it has Bluetooth and 802.11ac compatible high-speed Wi-Fi, which provides access to wireless networks.

GeForce GTX 1060 to 8G Core i7 internal specifications

It is an internal specification that is more attractive than the look of the product. The Aussus TUF FX504G series is based on a detailed model and includes the 8th generation Intel Core i5 Core i7 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / 1050Ti / 1060 graphics card. These are the parts that many games can expect.

Introducing internal specifications for the rest of the palm (Source: IT Donga)

The system memory is 4 ~ 8GB depending on the model, and the storage device can be 120 ~ 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD or SSD and HDD at the same time. The SSD and HDD models can simultaneously meet both speed and capacity. It is composed of high quality specifications in general and has sufficient performance so that it can handle other tasks, such as image editing and video encoding, in addition to the games.

SSD (128GB, M.2 standard) + HDD (1TB, SATA standard) with GeForce GTX1050Ti (4GB) and 8GB of future generation of the i7-8750H core (6 cores, 2.2 ~ 4.1GHz) It is the AESUUS TUF FX504GE-EN376 model equipped with a storage device. From November 2018, you can buy at the lowest price of 1082 thousand won (without the operating system). I installed the Windows 64-bit operating system for preview.

Open the bottom cover (Source = IT Donga)

Unscrew the bottom of the laptop to open the lid and upgrade system memory and memory. For the FX504GE-EN376 model used in the overview, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD are installed in slot M.2. In the case of system memory, an 8GB DDR4 memory is included. . If you want to play more easily, consider upgrading your memory to 16GB.

Good game driving ability

We have prepared a simple test to check product performance. The i7-8750H core performance processor, measured by the PASSMARK performance test (PerformanceTest), is 8507.6 points. This is close to the performance of the i7 core of the third or fourth generation desktop, which is now the world's best-selling laptops for general use (except professional processors like Core i9).

Result of the test of the exam results (source = IT Donga)

The performance of the GeForce GTX1050Ti graphics card is measured at 6340.7 points, the highest level between notebook video cards, but comparable to the GeForce GTX 1050Ti for desktops. The GeForce GTX 1050Ti for desktops is not the ultimate product, but it's a graphics card that goes a lot on PC-based computers due to high cost-performance.

3DMark Fire Strike measurement results (source = IT source)

The 3DMark test, which measures the 3D graphic performance of the system and measures the driving skills of the game, showed 6.702 items from Fire Strike and 2445 Time Spy. With this level of performance, it is assumed that several games, except for some of the latest packed games, will be able to work satisfactorily with HD resolution.

Test for the Battlefield Test (source = IT Donga)

I also tried to run the current game. I set the graphic quality of Ultra to 1920 x 1080 and I played "Fist 7" and "Battlefield" for about 20 minutes, and both can be stored at about 50-60 frames per second Confirmed. This is also enjoyable, but if you are a maniac who likes more than 60 images per second, you may want to adjust the quality of the graphics at a medium or higher level.

Measurement of the temperature of part of the rest on the palm (Source = IT Donga)

During the game, the keyboard and palm rest was not so bad. When I measured it with a digital thermometer, I kept it about 35 degrees Celsius and it was warm. It can be seen that the internal structure for releasing heat is good. However, heat dissipation is so good that the noise of the cooling fan is somewhat irritating. Apart from playing games, there are also occasional fuss surfing the web or driving video clips. Of course, it may be better than not to hurt the stability of the system, because the heat is not properly discharged.

Toy machine without bubbles

Now, when the laptops market is in full swing, the Aussus TUF FX504G is an exciting game for gamers. The materials and accessories are not luxurious, but the ability to drive games is about 1 million wins. The Aussus TUF FX504G is not just about portability or silence, but it will not do you good if you are looking for a desktop gaming machine for your home, because the overall CPU configuration, GPU, keyboard, (8G core i5 / i7), graphics card (GeForce GTX 1050 / 1050Ti / 1060), system memory (4GB / 8GB), storage configuration (SSD, HDD, SSD + HDD) There are various detailed models according to the conditions. In November 2018, you can buy 798,000 wins up to 149,400 wins based on the lowest price online. If you want to buy it, it would be good to invest about a million victories.

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