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[단독] 12 countries have already provided more than 3 vaccines … Korea is one species

The social distance in the metropolitan area (Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi) will be upgraded to 2.5 stages from 0am to 8pm. Until 28 at midnight, three weeks later. It is a measure close to a “partial blockade” that prevents business activities after 9 pm, even if the facility is open, such as karaoke rooms and gyms, etc. The distances outside the metropolitan area are climbed in the second phase.

Korea has only one AstraZeneca
Britain and Canada have completed 7 agreements
Pfizer vaccine purchased in 18 countries
“I can not get vaccinated when I am addicted to type 1”

On the 6th, the Central Headquarters for Disaster and Safety Countermeasures (middle letter) announced a plan to adjust the social distance. The script said: “The spread of Corona 19 in the metropolitan area entered a phase of a pandemic,” and “just before it spread into a national pandemic.” Authorities explained that this would reduce the number of confirmed cases in the metropolis to 150-200 per day.

In the scenario, some measures are preventively implemented in three steps. In order to minimize outings and movement of office workers and students on vacation, telecommunications and distance learning are expanding, and private academies in the metropolitan area (including classrooms) are banned. In the 2.5 phase, the institute should stop working after 9 pm, but from the 8th, the third phase of the group ban applies. Limited to training courses and college entry training in 2021 for professional development.

Although Corona 19 has entered a phase of a pandemic, the only vaccine the government has signed a contract for is AstraZeneca in the UK, which is planned to be produced in Korea. Given that the United States and Great Britain have provided 6 to 7 vaccines, it is estimated that Korea is lagging behind in the vaccination battle. According to the current state of procurement of COVID-19 vaccines per country (including 4 days) at the Global Center for Health Innovation at Duke University in the United States, at least 12 countries have confirmed that they have procured three or more vaccines. The United Kingdom and Canada have signed contracts for seven vaccines, the United States, the European Union (EU) and Indonesia six, Australia and Mexico four and Japan, India, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador three.

Womanena holds a bottle with a label "KAVID-19 coronavirus vaccine" over the dry ice in this illustration made, December 5, 2020.  REUTERS / Dado Ruvi / / Illustration ски Copyright (c) Yonhap News, Unauthorized Reprint - No Redistribution ...

Womanena holds a bottle labeled “KOVID-19 coronavirus vaccine” over dry ice in this illustration made on December 5, 2020.

These countries are likely to adopt the first strategy to provide more vaccines when they are unsure which vaccine will be safe and effective. “This is to give the public confidence that tens of millions of vaccines are available, no matter which vaccine is more effective and which arrives first,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We do not have all the eggs in one basket and we will introduce additional vaccines if experts recommend,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

In the case of the United Kingdom, although there is a country-developed AstraZeneca vaccine, it has provided a total of seven species, including the US vaccines Pfizer and Modena. In Canada, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Modena vaccine, resulting in phase 3 clinical trials, as well as Johnson & Johnson (USA), Sanofi (France), Medigago (Canada), NovaVax (USA) during or before phase 3 . So far he has bought 9.5 servings per person.

Japan, which has decided to give all citizens the free Corona 19 vaccine, has confirmed the purchase of the AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Modena vaccines.

The principle of religious activities is face-to-face Karaoke and the gym are also discontinued

New Zealand, Bangladesh, Israel, Egypt, Argentina, Hong Kong and Macao provided two vaccines each.

In Korea, vaccination is expected to be possible in the third quarter of next year, given the time it takes for the Food and Drug Administration to approve use after the announcement of the final results of AstraZeneka Phase 3 and the time of procurement. in stock. In addition, the reliability of the AstraZeneca vaccine is controversial as researchers are known to have made a mistake after announcing the provisional phase 3 results last month and additional clinical trials are needed. Eighteen countries (including regions) including Israel, New Zealand and Lebanon have confirmed Korea to purchase Pfizer vaccines, which have not yet signed a procurement contract.

Experts advise that even if you start careful vaccination with Corona 19, you should have more vaccines available in case of unexpected problems. “We need to distribute and buy 5-6 vaccines,” said Professor Park Yoon-heol of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Yonsei University School of Medicine.

Kim Wu-joo, a professor of infectious medicine at the University of Korea’s Guru Hospital, said: you have a plan B even if you have a problem with one vaccine. “I can.” · As the results of vaccinations in the UK can be known, etc., the vaccine had to be obtained in advance.

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