Thursday , September 24 2020

[날씨] Cold early in the center … cold tomorrow, Seoul -5 ℃ / YTN


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As the temperature dropped overnight, the bitter winter cold came.

Seoul was the coldest in the morning as the morning temperature dropped to -3.5 degrees Celsius and the temperature of Seoracan dropped to -15.5 degrees Celsius.

Even during the day, as the cold continues in the early winter, please take care of your health so that you do not get cold.

This morning, the whole country was the coldest this fall.

The sub-cold region showed cold weather, mainly in the central provinces such as Daeguallion -6.1, Pazhu-5.7 and Cheonan -1.4.

While the whole country is clear throughout the day, there may be snow or rain from the rain on southern Yeongong, west coast and inland Chungam.

The cold wind blows even during the day, making it cold all day.

Daytime temperatures will be well below average temperatures of 4 degrees in Seoul, 7 degrees in Daejeon and 9 degrees in Guangzhou.

Tomorrow the temperature in Seoul will drop to -5 degrees Celsius, and the early cold will rise.

The cold is expected to soften as the average recovers on Thursday.

The cold wave was released in the central region when the temperature of the image was recovering from daylight.

But it's still freezing below zero until tomorrow.

Please keep warm clothes in your warm clothes.

This is CTN Gene Mirim.

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